EDC Rainbow Pod review - Disposable pod vapes with Apollo salt nic

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EDC Rainbow Pod

The EDC Rainbow Pod is a disposable nicotine salts device that comes in six colors and flavors. It has a nice rubberized finish and can deliver up to 200 puffs. The pod system can’t be refilled or recharged, therefore it’s intended to be discarded when it no longer delivers vapor. It’s great for beginners or for vapers who are curious about nicotine salts and don’t want to invest $50 in a starter kit.

8.2 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Easy to use

Good throat hit

Nice range of flavors and colors


Vapor production is not that great

Battery life could be better

Not that friendly with the environment 

Presentation and design

Each EDC Rainbow Pod comes individually packed inside a nice cardboard box. It measures 88mm x 21mm x 19mm and its very lightweight. The device is pre-filled with Apollo Nicotine Salts and there are six options to choose from.

The color is different for each flavor and we have blue for Breeze, pink for Watermelon, orange for King Pin, red for Strawberry, yellow for Refresh and gray for Tobacco.

The finish is rubberized and ensures plenty of grip. It comes with a seal over the mouthpiece and the Apollo logo on the back. We really enjoy the nice vibrant colors and the overall presentation, especially when considering the $10 price tag.

EDC disposable inside box

The pod system features and LED on the bottom. This lights up each time you take a draw and is a good indicator that everything is up and running.


The EDC Rainbow vape is powered by a non-removable 240mAh battery. Since the device doesn't feature a micro-USB port the cell cannot be recharged. It’s rated for 230 puffs and while we didn't exactly count, that seems like a very good estimation. Of course, in the end it all depends on your style of vaping. If you take longer draws it will probably deliver around 200 puffs. On the other hand, if your draws are short then you’re looking at over 250 puffs from a single pod.

E-liquid capacity on the EDC disposable is 1.0ml. And while that might not seem like a lot of e-liquid, it’s .3ml more than what’s inside a JUUL or similar pods.

EDC vape rainbow flavor

Atomizer resistance is 2.4 Ohms and this pairs perfectly with the tight draw and the tiny battery. It delivers pretty decent vapor and the flavor is on par. It doesn't compare to something you get from a SMOK Novo but it gets the job done.

The EDC Rainbow disposable features high strength nicotine salts e-liquid. This has a concentration of 5% by volume and ensures a well defined throat hit. The overall experience is superior to any nic salt disposable ecig and it’s perfect for any beginner.

Performance and thoughts on the EDC Rainbow Pod

The EDC Rainbow Pod is a great nicotine salts disposable that comes in a multitude of flavors and colors. It features high quality Apollo Salts e-liquids and offers good battery life. The overall vape experience is more than enjoyable, with a satisfying throat hit.

It’s a great product for beginners or as a side vape with high nic strength. Price-wise, it’s not the cheapest alternative, but the build quality and flavors are worth it.

Product Specifications
Available colors:Blue, Pink, Gray, Yellow, Red, Orange
Battery capacity:240mAh
Battery life:Average
Built Material:Platics (general)
Charge duration:Disposable
Device Size:Small/Tiny
Device size:88mm x 21mm x 19mm
E-Liquid capacity:1.2ml
Heating source:Battery
Production year:2018
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Edc Rainbow Pod

8.2 Overall score
80 Score
Throat hit 80
80 Score
Price 80
70 Score
Battery Life 70
100 Score
Ease of Use 100
80 Score
Build quality 80

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