Common problems people run into when refilling or using e-cigs

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You’ve been using your electronic cigarette for quite some time now and I bet you’ve run across at least one problem with your vape tank when you had to refill it or during its use. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and sometimes the only way to learn and to know better is by making these mistakes. Let’s talk a bit about some common problems using e-cigs you might run into while refilling and using and some tips to extend your device’s lifetime.

Regular maintenance

clearomizer dissembled First of all, like any other device that constantly needs recharging and refilling, your e-cigarette also needs regular maintenance. Be sure to clean your battery, drip tip and atomizer at least once a month so that it runs in optimum condition all the time. You can find some useful tips and tricks on how to do this on our website. The key rule of any ecigarette is never to over tighten the cartomizer to the battery and to never overfill your device because this is the most well known cause for shortening the lifespan of your electronic companion.

Charge your batteries for better results

Secondly, always be careful to recharge your battery each time it’s starting to blink and never leave it overnight. It’s always better to have a top notch battery and you should know that the stronger the battery the better results you’ll have with your whole vaping experience.

Go easy on your vape

Never force the head of your clearomizer, and to be sure it is threaded correctly just give it a half turn anti-clockwise until you hear a small click. By doing so you’ll avoid damaging the threading and your clearomizer or tank while last a lot longer.

If you have a manual battery, be careful not to press the firing button before vaping. It might be a strong reflex, but this instead can lead to e-liquid collecting and drying out inside the mouth piece leading to weaker performance.

Refilling tips

When refilling your clearomizer, make sure you don’t flood it by getting e-liquid inside the center tube. If you start hearing a gargling noise when using your device just after refilling try removing the bottom and blowing through it onto a piece of cloth to clear it.

Don’t use your e-cigarette just after refilling your cartomizer with e-liquid. Instead allow it 3 -5 minutes to soak into the lining for getting the best results. This also protects your atomizer from overheating.

Always pay attention to refill standard clearomizers from the top and bottom coiled clearomizers from the bottom. Also, as a side note, some clearomizers require vacuum when they are refilled therefore you will only be able to remove one end when doing this operation.

Prevent extra long drags

If you are using a low resistance atomizer then make sure you don’t take extra-long drags. Your device might come with a cut off protection after 10 of 15 seconds but just to be on the safe side, try to keep your puffs normal.

If you have a manual battery then be careful to turn it off before putting it into your pocket. Click the firing button five times and your e-cigarette will be ready for carrying it around or for storing it overnight. If you plan on storing it for longer periods of time then unscrew the battery from the cartomizer.

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