Juul Limited Edition Pods - Here is why you should try them out today

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Image of Juul Limited Edition Pods - Here's why you should try them

Standard JUUL pods include five delicious flavors. Out of them Mango is our absolute favorite, with Cool Mint coming in second. The best part about this pod vape kit is that you can try the majority of pods right from the start and decide which one is your favorite. But unlike Crème Brulee or Fruit Medley there are a couple of JUUL limited edition pods flavors, which you probably didn't know about.

These pods are not available for auto-ship subscriptions and you can only find them with specific retailers or in the company's online shop for as long as supplies last. Cool Cucumber, Classic Menthol and Classic Tobacco quickly caught our attention so we decided to test them out.

Tip: If you do not mind using the specific JUUL brand, you can always try out some great compatible juul pods like the Eonsmoke, Zipp and Viv pods.

Classic Menthol

classic menthol JUUL pods

Classic Menthol or Cool Menthol 2.0 as we like to call it is one of the most appealing JUUL flavors we tried so far. It's like a smooth breeze of fresh air you feel inside your lungs and sinuses. The menthol flavor is not as strong as in other pod style vaporizers and doesn't make you sick to your stomach. It almost has a slight tobacco aftertaste and reminds of a classic Newport Menthol. It's a really nice all day vape and a nice cool addition to the JUUL pods line.

Classic Tobacco

classic tobacco pods JUUL

We really enjoyed Virginia Tobacco even though we are not that into tobacco flavors. JUUL has hit the spot perfectly with that one, making it the perfect alternative for smokers making the switch. The Classic Tobacco however has a pretty bland taste; we are not going to lie. It doesn't have that nice balanced sweetness to it and it's going for a more robust, dry flavor. There are some sweet notes on the background here but they fade away instantly. Throat hit is ok-ish but the overall experience doesn't come even close to Virginia Tobacco.

Cool Cucumber

cucumber JUUL pod

Cool Cucumber has to be the rebel kid of the entire JUUL family. It's different, intriguing and with a strong personality. A love it or hate it kind of flavor that's very similar to a cucumber refreshing drink. It's weird because we gave it to people who liked cucumber and hated it; we also gave it to people who didn't like or were neutral about cucumber but absolutely loved it. It tends to put you in a relaxing, almost Zen kind of mood. The cucumber flavor is not that strong and the minty exhale is similar a light breeze. It's perfectly balanced and it's something you won't get tired of after vaping one pod.

Final words

If we had to pick a favorite out of these three it would definitely be Classic Menthol. It's a flavor that feels somewhat familiar and does not disappoint. If you're a fan of menthol and you like the Cool Menthol pods, chances are you're going to love this one.

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