Types of e-cigarette atomizers

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Along with the battery, the e-cigarette atomizer is the central component of every personal vaporizer. Although many kinds of atomizers are in use, they generally consist of a small heating element responsible for vaporizing liquid, as well as a wicking material that draws liquid in. Therefore the atomizer is primarily responsible for the process of vaporizing the flavored nicotine e-liquid and to turn it into vapor through a heating process. While you don’t have to worry about them if you use cartomizers due to the atomizer being a part of the cartomizer, you do need them in just about every other e-cigarette. That makes it essential to not only know how atomizers work, but also to have an understanding of the different atomizers available for you to use.

cartomizers lineup During the period when atomizers and cartridges were separate components of any electronic cigarette, the L88B Atomizer was considered to have the more effective e-liquid delivery system. Nowadays only used in very small e-cigarettes this atomizer was one of the most popular in the business. It will work with any e-cigarette that uses 510 or 306 atomizers and it can also use drip tips designed for 306 atomizers.

The 510 atomizer may be the most popular type currently in use. While the L88B atomizer has a raised bridge, the bridge of the 510 atomizer is enclosed within a hollow cylinder. Therefore, 510 cartridges and drip tips fit inside the atomizer rather than over it. Another reason for this atomizer’s popularity is the fact that is the most used by mod designers due to its rigidity and durability compared to other types of threading. The cylinder used by the 510 atomizer is capable of creating a type of well for the e-liquid, which means that when compared to other types of atomizers, this one can be more forgiving if the cartridge is accidentally overfilled. The same goes when too much e-juice is used for the drip tip, which means the danger of harming the device or heating element is slightly diminished. The 510 atomizer works with all ecigs that use L88B or 306 atomizers; however, it can only use 510 cartridges and drip tips. Also you might find that the vapor is slightly cooler and less intense than in the case of other models, due to the fact that the heating coil is farther from the mouth.

The 306 atomizer is probably the most favored atomizer for people who like to tweak their e-cigarettes to get the best e-smoking experience possible. This design is almost exclusive for those of you who love drip tips. You can find them at all resistance levels, with and without the metal bridge on top, with the holes on the bottom plugged to protect the battery etc.

When you look from the top, the 901 atomizers bear a striking resemblance to 510 atomizers but when you turn them over t you’ll see that the threading is recessed. Without an adapter, you cannot use a 901 atomizer on an e-cigarette that uses L88B, 510 or 306 atomizers. However, 901 atomizers are compatible with 510 drip tips.

801 atomizers are characterized by their extremely long barrel and they became popular with the “pen-style electronic cigarettes”. You’ll find that both the bridge and the threading are recessed into the structure of the 801 atomizer. The only hardware compatible with 801 atomizers are drip tips designed for 510 atomizers

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