The Kanger Subtank Series

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Generally referred to as ‘sub-ohm for the masses’ the Kanger Subtanks are a new generation or rebuildable tank atomizers that feature replaceable 0.5 – Ohm coils and the ability to swap between RTA mode and RBA mode in seconds. Kanger has built a strong reputation across the years with its initial Aerotank and Protank designs but now they managed to  consolidate their clientele even further with these sub ohm tanks that are very affordable and versatile.

The Kanger Subtank series includes the original Subtank with a 25mm diameter, the Subtank Mini with a 22mm diameter and the Subtank Nano with a 18.5mm diameter. So, as you can see each of these tanks is destined for a certain category of mods, from the huge 26650 to the small EVODs and eGos.

Kanger Subtak dissembledBut what makes them so unique? Well, first of all there’s the outstanding build quality – each of them being manufactured from durable stainless steel combined with Pyrex glass and sealed with the signature red O-rings. Then there are the new OCC (organic cotton coil) atomizer heads that come in either 0.5 Ohm versions or in 1.2 Ohm versions and are compatible with every single one of the Subtanks. You also have the ability to transform the Subtank Mini and the Subtank from OCC mode to RBA mode and use standard coils for even more versatility. And last but not least, performance – and with the Subtank series you are in for a breathtaking vaping experience that was unthinkable a couple of years ago.

Now let’s take an in depth approach to each one of these tanks and see what sets them aside. First we have the original Subtank – a solid and massive 25mm stainless steel and Pyrex ‘monster’ that can hold up to 6ml of e-liquid. It features an airflow control mechanism with three holes on the base than can be covered or left open individually. It also the only Subtank that comes with a spring loaded 510 pin. The great thing about this tank is that it can be used in both OCC mode and RBA mode by only having to replace what’s mounted on the base. So you can take out the OCC atomizer head and put in the chimney and RBA deck right before changing the tip connector (it’s shorter than the one used in OCC mode). You do get prebuilt 0.8 Ohm dual coils inside the box and mounting them is very easy. In RBA mode the Subtank can only hold 4.2ml of e-liquid but that’s more than enough. The last thing worth mentioning is that it comes with an adapter from 25mm to 22mm so that it could fit nicely on any type of 18650 tube mod.

The Kanger Subtank Mini is quite similar to the original version, with the exception that it has a diameter of 22mm, a fixed 510 pin, different airflow mechanism and a total capacity of 4.5ml of e-juice.  And believe it or not, this is probably the best selling Subtank mainly because it fits flush with so many mech mods and advanced personal vaporizers out there. It can also be used in OCC and RBA mode and uses the same coils and atomizer heads as the original. You can buy the 0.5 Ohm coils or the 0.5 / 1.2 Ohms OCC heads from any respectable online vendor and they are really affordable. The price to performance ration on these tanks is phenomenal.

Finally, the Subtank Nano has a total diameter of 18.5mm and it’s intended for thinner batteries or mods like EVODs, Ego Twists, or Vision Spinners etc. It’s made from the same high quality stainless steel and Pyrex but it can only be used in OCC mode with the regular 0.5 or 1.2 Ohm atomizer heads. Much like the Mini, the airflow adjustment mechanism comes with a slot rather than three holes.

Which one should you pick? Well it’s more a matter of personal preference or aesthetics. If you already have a mech mod or AVP then you should buy the Mini or the original Subtank with the 22mm adapter. They both have similar performance and the only difference is in the amount of e-liquid they can hold. If you are looking to use the Subtank with a smaller or thinner device / battery then the Nano might be the perfect fit, regardless you cannot use it in RBA mode. The OCC atomizer heads are great and the amount of vapor their produce is fantastic. Also in terms of flavor, the Subtank series really kicks ass so there’s no point in debating much longer.

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