Always setting the right vaping temperature. A guide on vapes with temp control

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Setting the right vaping temperature can have a dramatic effect on the overall experience. Not only does this feature prevent dry hits but it also offers more consistent vapor, improves battery life and increases the lifespan of your coils. At the same time it’s relatively easy to implement: you just need a temp control enabled mod and a coil with Stainless Steel, Nickel, or Titanium wire. But before we dive even deeper in TC vaping, let’s first explain some of the basics:

What is temperature control?

Temperature control is probably the most important innovation in vaping since the first variable voltage/variable wattage devices. It involves setting a maximum temperature for the vape that the coil will not exceed. When the mod detects that the coil is close to reaching the set temperature it begins to act as a limiter and it gradually decreases the wattage. It’s the same as thermal throttling inside your laptop.

TC was first introduced by Evolv back in 2014 as a novelty feature of their highly praised DNA chip. Other manufactures quickly started to implement the technology and nowadays most box mods offer temp control as a standard characteristic.

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How does temperature control work?

Temperature control or TC works by using a notion called the thermal coefficient. The thermal coefficient is a property of certain materials to have their electric resistance increases or decrease depending on the temperature. Therefore by reading the resistance multiple times a second, the mod is able to also precisely estimate coil temperature. By doing this it knows when the temperature is about to reach a certain value and adjusts the output accordingly.

The most commonly used materials for vaping with temperature control are: Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is considered to be the safest from this lineup and it’s also the only material that can be used in both Variable Wattage and Temperature Control modes.

Kanthal and Nichrome two the most popular wires used in vaping are not compatible with TC because their resistance stays the same regardless of temperature.

What do I need to start using Temp Control?

To experiment temperature control you need two things: a box mod that’s TC enabled and a coil made from Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel.

Most box mods nowadays have built-in temperature control as a standard feature, but that is not a general rule. If you don’t find anything in the manual or menu about TC, Temperature Control, TCR, Temperature Curves, Nickel or Titanium then chances are your mod is not compatible. However, one quick look over the specs of products from any online vape shop and you will easily see which are temperature control box mods and which are not.

When it comes to coils, many tanks include Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel atomizer heads. If your tank only has Kanthal coils then you will need to upgrade to a different model in order to take advantage of mod’s TC capabilities.

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How to vape in temperature control mode?

Most TC enables box mods have predefined profiles for Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti) and Stainless Steel (SS). Knowing the material your coil is built from will help you select the correct profile. Note that it is extremely important to use the appropriate setting for the best results.

To vape in temperature control mode just attach the tank to your mod and select the TC profile from the menu or via the shortcut specified in the manual. Then you will need to lock the resistance at room temperature. This is another very important aspect on which depends the whole experience. There’s no default way to do it, and each manufacturer has its own button combination to lock the resistance. Therefore we recommend reading the manual first or checking out some reviews.

After that you just need to set a desired value in F degrees or C degrees and enjoy temperature controlled vaping.

Some mods also allow the adjustment of the wattage in TC mode. However there is a clear difference between variable wattage and temp control. Setting higher wattage will make the device reach a desired temperature faster, but it all depends on personal preference. There’s no right or wrong way of doing this and you will easily find a good value after some experimenting.

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Setting the right vaping temperature

Setting the right vape temperature might seem a bit tricky at first. However once you get the hang of it you’ll see it’s a very easy process. Most people vape between 392°F - 480°F (200 - 250°C), as this gives the best results in terms of vapor quality and flavor. You can also easily adjust these values in 1°F or 5°F increments until you find your sweet spot.

Don’t worry even you like it lower or higher than the average. In the end it’s all about personal preference, the type of e-liquid, the flavor profile and the type of atomizer you are using. Some people like cooler vapor so they set the value to 300 - 350°F. Others like it a lot warmer so they go up to 500 - 530°F.

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Just make sure you check the cotton whenever you feel vapor production gets weaker and weaker with each puff. Usually temperature control will prevent the cotton from getting burnt completely. However you can end up with a bit of an off taste if you forget to fill the reservoir with e-juice on time.

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