E-Liquids IconE-liquids are at the core of vaping and they are responsible for the bond created between any e-smoker and his or hers personal vaporizer. But because we are so different, our perception about each flavor can be slightly or totally distinctive from the person sitting right next to us.

If you are looking to buy your first bottle of e-liquid, you should know that it only works with vaporizers or mods that have refillable tanks. Refilling a tank with e-juice is not complicated at all and it usually involves removing the top or bottom cap and pouring the juice in until the maximum limit is reached.

TIP: We try out and review most of the e-liquids on box mods we love. We choose these vapes because of their smoke production and the ability to customize the vaping experience. We created a list of the highest ranked mods right now please check it our here