iStick 40W TC review

iStick 40W TC

Temperature control is clearly setting new boundaries in the way we vape and today we are going to take a look at one tiny device that I bet is going to become legendary. The iStick 40W TC is one of Eleaf’s latest additions to the iStick series, and right from the start it seems to be very affordable, powerful and precise. Every single iStick has been a major hit in the vaping community, and now the Chinese company decided to take things to the next level with the introduction of temperature control.

iStick 40W TC boxIf you are not familiar with temperature control, this is not something that’s going to work with your standard Kanthal builds or coil heads, and in order to take advantage of the technology you will need to purchase either some Ni200 wire for your RDA or a tank that has Ni200 coils included or sold separately. But while it might seem complicated at first, you will soon notice that there are tens of alternatives on the market today, with nearly every major company selling  at least one tank that comes with Nickel coil heads.

So, the iStick 40W TC comes packed in a white cardboard box and inside you will find the mod itself, a very detailed user’s manual, a micro-USB charging cable, and a standard 510 to eGo adapter. I really like the fact that they included the adapter, because this shows the company has targeted all the vaping groups with this single device, from beginners to veteran vapers. Many of you probably still have an eGo battery and an eGo clearomizer like the Mini Protank 3 or the Aspire K1 are looking for an upgrade on the wattage. With this iStick you will be able to use your clearo until you put some money on the side for a new tank, perhaps one that comes with Ni200 coils.

If you are familiar with the older devices from the series, the iStick 40W TC comes in the same form factor and with some of the same design iStick 40W TC box contents lines but with a few major differences. The most important to me is the fact that they changed the location of the 510 threading, from above the buttons to the back of the mod. This means you will be able to use it with a standard 22mm tank, without it overhanging. Also the firing button is round instead of rectangular and we have a new extra button between the two adjustment ones that’s used to put the mod in temperature control.

So looking at the mod we see the stainless steel 510 threading with the spring loaded center pin on the top, and right next to it there are some holes to attach a lanyard (the first iStick with this option). Moving down the main side we have the firing button, the OLED display, and the smaller buttons used for adjustments. The micro-USB port is located on the base of the device, so a bit of bad news for all you RDA users out there, but definitely not a deal breaker.

iStick 40W TC top viewThe iStick 40W TC can reach up to 40W in regular variable wattage mode, and in temperature control mode it works between 200-600 Fahrenheit (100-315 Celsius). It works with resistances between 0.05 – 1 Ohm in temperature control and you can lock the setting. In regular Kanthal mode it can fire as low as 0.15 Ohms and as high as 3.50 Ohms. And despite its small form factor the device is powered by a huge 2,600 mAh battery that can give you plenty of autonomy, even with a sub-ohm tank.

As usual, the materials used and build quality are top notch and together with all the other features make the iStick 40W TC a best buy in this price range. It fits perfectly in the hand and the clouds it produces are unreal. With temperature control you are able to get a much cooler vape at high wattages and it increases the lifespan of your cotton and coils.