Our Review On The HeatVape Invader Mini Box Mod

HeatVape Invader Mini Box Mod

If you have an active lifestyle and still enjoy vaping from time to time, then get ready because we have the perfect mod for you. And even though it’s tiny, the Heatvape Invader Mini can withstand almost anything you throw at it from a cup of water to a sledgehammer. The Invader Mini from HeatVape is shock resistant, dust resistant and water resistant advanced personal vaporizer with a lot of attitude. From mountain climbing to kayaking and parkour, you can take this mod with you virtually anywhere without worrying that it might get damaged.

 Invader Mini gray and black What’s inside the box?

The Invader Mini comes packed in a lovely hard plastic transparent box, with only the mod and a user’s manual inside. The device is available in three different colors – black, blue, and gray and it measures roughly 100x40x32mm so it has a small form factor (hence the name ‘Mini’). The first thing you are going to notice about it is the rubber finish, which gives it a solid and durable appearance with absolutely no rattle. The ‘Easy Grip’ cushion design is paired with an endoskeleton made from zinc alloy, brass and silicone.

Looking at this unique mod, you can notice the 510 connection at the top (which, unfortunately isn’t spring loaded nor can it be adjusted manually) that’s fitted with four airflow grooves. However, to ensure that the tank or atty makes perfect contact with the pin, the device is fitted with an adjusting beauty ring that eliminates all problems and makes the whole assembly look flush. On one side of the Invader Mini there’s a 0.7 inch OLED display and three buttons  that are a bit difficult to notice. Finally, on the base you can unscrew the cap (spring loaded pin) and insert the 18650 battery. The threading is super smooth and waterproof. In fact, this mod is rated for IPX4, which is ensures protection for water splashes up to 5 minutes.

Power display and settings

To power on the device you simply need to press the firing button 5 consecutive times (the button is in the shape of an elongated pentagon right above the screen and right below the thing that actually looks like a button J ). The screen shows the current wattage, remaining battery, atomizer resistance and temperature. Yes, the Invader Mini comes with a built-in temperature sensor and has two operating modes: wattage and temperature. Two switch between these modes you need to lock the device, and then keep both (+) / (-) buttons pressed for a few seconds (they are located on each side of the display). In variable temperature mode you can go from 200 ⁰F to 600 ⁰F in 10 ⁰F increments. In variable wattage mode, the device goes from 1W to 50W in 0.1W increments.

Temperature control

In temperature control mode, the mod can work with atomizer resistances between 0.1 Ohms and 1.0 Ohms, while in normal mode it can go  Invader Mini blackas low as 0.16 Ohms and as high as 2.0 Ohms. It also has the option of switching between right handed mode and left handed mode and even stealth mode.

In order to use the Invader Mini in temperature control mode, you will need to build your coils out of Nickel or use tanks with pre-built Nickel (Ni200) atomizer heads. It does, however, have some difficulties detecting the temperature coils once you mount your atty. On the company’s website there is even a FAQ page that tries to tackle different situations and how to overcome them. For us, the simplest way was to turn off the device, remove the atomizer, turn the device on again then mount it again. On the other hand, there were a few times when it automatically detected the Nickel coils, so it’s probably more of a sensor issue that has to do with multiple factors.

Performance wise, the temperature control really does work and it’s really helpful in preventing dry hits, even if your wicks are not fully saturated with e-juice. Vapor production is great and the tiny mod fits perfectly in your hand. And while it’s a shock proof device, we didn’t actually drop it on the floor – however we did read about it surviving all sorts of nasty situations.