Our Review On The Innokin iTaste CLK 1280

Innokin iTaste CLK 1280

The competition between accessible yet powerful eGo style devices is getting fiercer and fiercer with so many reputable companies releasing not one but several products in an effort to appeal more to certain types of buyers.  Essentially this is a niche market that’s full of beginners trying to find the ultimate first starter kit and of intermediate vapers transitioning from traditional cig-a-like or eGos. Last but not least, these devices are also great ‘to go’ products that can easily act as backups for a more powerful mech mods or advanced personal vaporizers.

iTaste CLK 1280 kit contents Today we are going to look at the iTaste CLK 1280, a very stylish vaporizer that is mainly going to appeal the female audience because of the design, the range of colors and also the nifty lanyard – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only intended for ladies. And speaking of colors we got ours in black but you can also choose from pink, silver and white. The battery comes inside the traditional Innokin transparent hard plastic box with the beauty ring, the lanyard, the manual and a charging cable. As opposed to other eGo twist style batteries, the first thing you’ll notice about the CLK is that it comes with a micro-USB port that’s located on the side – meaning you can vape on this baby while it’s charging. So this adds many versatility plusses in our book.

This device is probably called the ‘CLK’ mostly because of the clicking sound the dial at the bottom makes each time you adjust the voltage. So rather than a classical dial like on the eGo twist, you cannot set the voltages in between the marked values and you can only pick from the predefined 3.5, 3.8, 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.8, and 5.0V – however, we didn’t feel the need for any other voltage options in day to day use.

Like any other Innokin product, in order to turn on the iTaste CLK 1280 you simply need to press the power button three consecutive times. You will notice the LED backlight going from green to yellow and finally to red as the battery becomes discharged. On the top side you will see the eGo connection that can be also used with the included 510 adapter (the connection comes with a spring loaded pin). This gives you compatibility with a wide range of accessories but we found it fitting best with the Aerotank Mini, the Gladius and of course, the Nautilus Mini. Oh and by the way, the 1280 stands for the amount of mAh this gizmo packs inside – so you are probably looking at a full day of moderate vaping.

The lanyard that comes inside the CLK 1280 kit goes great with the battery and you can fit it tightly by mounting it on the collar right before putting your tank on. It looks lovely and it’s quite pleasant keeping your vaporizer right in your arm’s reach when you are also working on other stuff, driving or shopping. We are not such big fans of lanyards but in this case it makes a perfect combo.

If you want to fire the iTaste CLK 1280 and you just get a blink on the LED (six times) it probably means that you didn’t clicked to a voltage setting and the dial is sitting iTaste CLK 1280 ego connectorsomewhere in between. You also get short circuit / atomizer protection, over discharge protection, a 10s cut-off interval and a 3.5A fuse. The maximum output wattage is 15W – so it packs plenty of power but you can only use it with a minimum coil resistance of 1.2 Ohms. In fact Innokin’s recommendation for this device is to use it with a 2.5 Ohm tank.

We are not sure why – as opposed to its predecessor –the CLK 1280 does not come with the Gladius tank included inside the box but we guess it’s because of customer personal preference. Some people like the Aerotank more, others like the Nautilus so it’s probably better this way.

Performance wise, there’s really nothing we can complain about and this baby performs exactly as expected. Lush clouds of delicious vapor in the mid 4V settings that’s consistent thought the whole battery life. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to give vaping a try and it’s under the $50 price margin so you get plenty of value. Overall the iTaste CLK 1280 is an amazing piece of engineering that looks fashionable and feels awesome.