Our Review On The V2 Pro Series 7 Kit

V2 Pro Series 7 Kit

Advertised as the premium 3 in 1 vaporizer, the V2 Pro Series 7 is more than an e-cigarette – in fact it’s one of the most advanced pieces of technology we tested so far. This device is a variable voltage / variable temperature e-puffer that it able to work with regular e-liquid, loose leaf tobacco and even wax and essential oils.  And yes, the Series 3 was able to do all this, but it had only a fraction of the Series 7’s power and lacked the ability to switch between settings.

V2 Pro Series 7 box contents The V2 Pro Series 7 is available in three different colors – blue, black and silver – and it comes packed in a chic black cardboard box with the vaporizer, e-liquid cartridge, loose leaf cartridge, charging cable, wall adapter and user manual. So there’s the first difference right inside the box – the loose leaf cartridge that comes included with the kit. There is also a wax cartridge that’s going to be available in a few months and it’s great for all those passionate about this type of vaping because you no longer have to switch between vaporizers – you only need to swap the containers and the unit will automatically adapt accordingly. V2 calls them “Smart Cartridges” and it makes use of an advanced microchip technology that “reads” the type of unit you are using and adjusts the internal settings of the device depending on the situation. It can go from vaporizing e-liquid to heating up loose leaf tobacco through conduction in only seconds.

The series 7 is also a lot bigger than the Series 3 and heavier. But this isn’t a bad thing; as a matter of fact we like it more than the previous version. It’s robust, well-built and the glowing LED lights really complement the whole sci-fi look. It packs an internal 1800 mAh battery, which is about triple the amount of power of its predecessor. It will keep you puffing for about two days if you are a moderate vaper and about 8h if you are a heavy e-smoker. The battery also has three different voltage / temperature settings depending on the mode you’re using the V2 Pro and you can cycle between them by pressing the firing button two times in an interval of 0.5s.

The e-liquid cartridge can now hold up to 2.4ml of your favorite e-juice and it’s refillable by removing the mouth piece and the metallic top cap. These cartridges slid right into the recessed chamber at the top and they are connected via magnets. No more faulty threading problems and imperfect contacts – with the V2 Pro Series 7 you always get a flush connection no matter what. This cartridge can be refilled up to 20 times (according to the manual) and after that you will have to replace it with a new one (sold separately). When in e-liquid more there are three pre-defined voltages you can choose from – 3.7, 4.2 and 4.7 volts – and the volume of vapor will adjust accordingly. While on 3.7V it’s the same feeling as with the Series 3, once you take it up a notch you will benefit from one of the most fulfilling vaping experiences ever. At 4.7 volts this gizmo can be easily compared with any mechanical mod with a rebuildable tank atomizer on top.

The loose leaf cartridge is ideal for all those wanting to vaporize tobacco or other herbal mixtures and it has a capacity of around 1,300 mm3. It works by conduction heating and it usually takes between 20-25 seconds for the device to achieve the optimum temperature. There are three different temperature settings to choose from – 200, 210 and 225 degrees Celsius and you can switch between them the same as in the case of the voltages. After you mount the loose leaf cartridge and press the firing button the outer LED ring will start glowing from red to finally green when the device is ready to puff. It has a cut-off period of 120s. The charging cable is also magnetic and it connects to the vaporizer like a charm.

We really enjoyed testing the V2 Pro and we firmly believe it’s one of the most versatile devices on the market today. It embodies the best technologies from both e-cigarettes and vaporizers into a single unit that’s both sleek and powerful. It produces a great amount of vapor and the throat hit is fantastic. It’s very easy to use and to refill and the variable voltage is ideal for everyone finding a sweet spot.