Full review of the SMOK GX350 Kit

SMOK GX350 Kit

We don’t know a lot of people who would vape at 300W or over, but if you’re a fan of high power mods you came to the right place. The SMOK GX350 kit is by far the most powerful vaping device we ever got the chance to test and it’s pretty mind blowing. It’s a quad 18650 mod that’s so compact it’s comparable to the original RX200 from Wismec. It can go from 6W all the way up to 350W and it comes with the TFV8 Cloud Beast tank.


SMOK GX350 kit contents The SMOK GX350 Kit is not something for the faint-hearted but you don’t necessarily have to go up to 350W to experience its full potential. You can also use it between 40-70W and enjoy the battery life for days. We managed to go through almost a week without recharging when sampling three different e-liquid lines at around 30-40W.

Inside the box you will find the mod itself, the powerful TFV8 Cloud Beast tank with a V8-T8 coil installed, a spare V8-Q4 coil, a micro-USB upgrades cable, the user manual and a box of spare O-rings and gaskets. The SMOK GX350 mod measures 85 x 60 x 40 mm and it’s available in four different colors – gold black, silver black, purple black and red black. The tank matches the color of the mod and the two make a perfect combo.


SMOK GX350 kit redOn the top side of the mod there’s the 510 spring loaded connector and the adjustments button. Bigger tanks like the TFV12 also fit in place just perfectly and they would probably make a good match in terms of power. However, the TFV8 is much better when it comes to flavor and it’s the type of tank which tends to appeal to a broader segment of vapers. On the front we have the fire button – or bar – the micro-USB slot on the side and the battery door on the base.

And speaking about the battery door, this is one of the few cons we found with the SMOK GX350. It’s hard to open and even harder to close. It was designed like this probably to prevent rattle but you need to involve a decent amount of muscle just to make it snap into place. Also it leaves a bit of a seem towards the back of the mod when the batteries are inside.


For batteries we recommend getting good quality high drain cells from respectable manufacturers such as Sony, LG or Samsung. You will also need an external charger for them as the micro-USB port on the mod is only for firmware upgrade purposes. The menu and settings are very similar to those on the Alien, with the same crystal clear OLED display. It does temperature control, variable wattage and it fires down to 0.10 Ohms.SMOK GX350 kit silver and red

We did a separate review for the TFV8 Cloud Beast tank, and it’s the perfect combination between power, flavor, vapor production and airflow. We love SMOK’s wide range of coils and they last for a very long time. They don’t leak and they don’t have problems with high VG juices. The top fill mechanism makes it easy to use and with a total capacity of 5.5ml you won’t be looking for the e-liquid bottle that often.


In terms of performance the SMOK GX350 Kit is a monster of a vape. We didn’t go higher than 160W because we’re not fans of super warm vapor but we’re sure it can be used at full capacity with tanks like the TFV12 Cloud Beast King. Between 40 – 75W it works like a charm, with thick flavorful clouds and battery life for days. It the perfect device to have at home or at the office, but considering its weight and size, it’s not exactly something that would fit your shirt pocket.