Our Review On The Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit

Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit

Get ready for the ultimate eGo style vaping experience because I have for you today a review for the brand new Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit. While it doesn’t look and feel like a regular eGo vape pen, mostly due to its 22mm diameter (very similar to standard mechanical tube mods), the Vaporfi Edge can be included in this category because of the technology it incorporates. It’s powered by an extremely versatile battery that can work with atomizer resistances as low as 0.2 Ohms and it can be used with a wide range of RDAs and Tanks, besides the one that comes with the kit.

Vaporfi Edge vape penLike all the other products from this particular brand, the Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit come packed in a white and green box made of cardboard with a picture of the product on the top. Inside you are going to find the battery, the fully assembled tank fitted with a 0.5 Ohm coil head inside and a wide bore drip tip, a 510 drip tip adapter, a pare Pyrex glass tube, an extra coil head rated at 0.2 Ohms, a USB charging cable and wall adapter as well as the user’s manual and warranty card.

The build quality on the battery and tank are some of the best I’ve seen in the last few months and the device has a total length of 87mm with a diameter of 22mm. The battery has a capacity of 1800mAh and it can be quickly recharged via the micro-USB charging port (it takes around 2h for a full charge and a notification light will let you know when the process is complete). I did enjoy the circular, stainless steel button, mostly due to its clickiness and accuracy. The battery feels great in the hand and it’s perfectly balanced.

The Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit also come with a superb tank that’s mostly built for sub-ohming. It’s also Vaporfi Edge tankone of the biggest tanks on the market today, with a capacity of 7ml. Pair this with the equally impressive battery and you’re looking at around a day of good vaping. You have to take into account that the battery is going to drain a lot faster with the 0.2 Ohm coil but if you decide to use you own tank with a bigger resistance then you’re probably looking at more than a day. Just to be sure I’ve tested it with my eGo ONE Mega and the 1.0 Ohm coil and it worked flawlessly.

The thing I like about the Edge tank is that it’s very customizable, from the airflow adjustment mechanism to the e-liquid control on the coil  heads. You can choose between three types of holes and use them with different power outputs. The small hole is intended to properly saturate at wattages lower than 30W, the middle hole can handle up to 50W, and the widest hole can handle up to 80W. Of course, with the Edge battery you won’t be able the adjust the wattage as it sets it automatically depending on the resistance reading, but you can also use this tank on a variety of other mods (like the VOX or the VOX Mini). As a matter of fact the Edge tank can also do temperature control if you buy the Ni200 (0.2 Ohm) coils but you have to use it with a temperature sensing mod (like the brand new VOX 100 TC).

Vaporfi Edge battery The Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit is very easy to use and it’s clearly intended for beginners or intermediates who want to give sub ohm vaping a try. The battery indicator light lets you know when it’s time to recharge and replacing the coils is also extremely easy. The materials used and the build quality is top notch and both the battery and tank can be used separately with other vaping gear.

My overall experience with this device was more than satisfying and at the moment it’s probably one of the best products from the eGO vape pens category. It can flawlessly deliver a very good sub ohming experience and in case of any issues the company’s customer support is always ready to help you. You can also browse our site for discount coupons and get and even better deal on the Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit to enjoy vaping like never before.