Our Review On The V2 VERTX Plus Kit

V2 VERTX Plus Kit

V2 is one of the most popular personal vaporizer brands on the market today with a long history in the industry and a couple of game-changing products released across the years. They started with cig-a-likes and slowly made the transition to vape pens and mods with products like the V2 Pro Series 3, and V2 Pro Series 7 which allowed the use of e-liquid, dry herbs and wax with the same device. And just like any other reputable company, they constantly invested in the research and development of new personal vaporizers with outstanding features. Today I want to talk to you about their lasted product called the VERTX Plus Kit – a revolutionary eGo style vape pen that was designed in close link with customers’ requests and needs.

VERTX Plus KitThe VERTX Plus Kit is an eGo style vape pen like no other and it’s just perfect for a memorable first time vaping experience. It’s very chic, light, portable and the battery lasts for a considerable amount of time. It comes packed in a very stylish V2 box and inside you will find the battery, the USB charger, three e-liquid cartridges ( in the flavor and nicotine concentration of your choice – I personally went for peppermint and 1.2mg) and a detailed user manual which I would definitely suggest reading before powering the device on.

One thing I have to say right from the start is that this is probably one of the most futuristic looking e-cigarettes I’ve tested since I started vaping. It looks like something from a modern say sci-fi movie and besides the rectangular shape (which prevents it from rolling off the table or desk) it also has an LED battery indicator, an inductive touch screen and magnetic connectors between the charging cable and the base as well as between the cartridges and their slot.VERTX Plus ecig

The cartridges come in the shape of small prisms and they include the heating element at the base and the mouthpiece at the top. You just have to pull out the depleted one and easily slide in the new one until it snaps in place. You can buy them in packs of three and you have a good choice of flavors (from tobaccos like Sahara, Congress, and V2 Red to menthols like peppermint, V2 Menthol, and Green Tea Menthol) as well as nicotine concentrations for all tastes (0, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%).

The VERTX Plus Kit is made from top quality materials, feels very well balanced and it’s perfect for the on the go type of person. You can easily take this to the office, to a bar or with you on long business trips. It’s slim, discreet and it performs flawlessly. It comes with a magnetic slot for the cartridge on the top (that has a gauge to see how much e-liquid is left) and a magnetic connector for the charger on the base (with pass through capabilities). We also have a rectangular, backlit fire button, a multi-LED battery indicator and the lovely touch screen. On the touch screen the user can adjust the intensity of the voltage (3 steps) and the brightness of the display (it also has a stealth mode). As you increase the voltage the device will deliver more vapor and the throat hit will get stronger but at the cost of battery life.

VERTX Plus cartridges This small eGo vape pen is powered by an internal 420mAh battery, which might seem a bit tiny for today’s standards but it does its job without any problems for at least a couple of hours. I found the best battery life to be at the lowest voltage setting, when it lasted around 4-5h of moderate vaping at the office. The magnetic connectors make this device not only easy to use and to operate but also virtually leak proof so it’s perfect for all ages (18+ of course) and genders.

In terms of flavor and vapor production the VERTX Plus Kit is not exactly your cloud making locomotive but it’s great for keeping you away from analog cigarettes. You get a reasonable amount of vapor at the highest voltage setting and it’s just perfect for that authentic mouth to lung experience. The flavor is spot on and a three pack of cartridges are enough for around 2000 puffs.