The Portable Charging Case, the best accessory for vaping

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We all know that the Achilles' heel of any ecigarette is the fact that you need to recharge its battery constantly in order not to run out of juice in the worse moments possible and that could be a real problem for the user that likes to spend a lot of time outdoors and less time near power sources, therefore today we are going to talk about one of the best accessories on the market – The Portable Charging Case or PCC.

Basics: What is a portable charging case

It comes in many shapes and sizes and its main purpose is to recharge your ecigarette on the go. The Portable Charging Case is therefore like an external battery for your ecigarette that is also used to store two cartomizers and a rechargeable battery or two batteries and a cartomizer, depending on the situation. It usually has a capacity of 1000-1200mAh and it can be charged via USB in maximum of 7 hours. These devices are roughly the same size as the more modern pod pocket chargers.

All you need to do is screw your rechargeable battery into the socket, press a button and let the PCC do its magic. They usually come with LED or LCD displays that keep you informed about the charging state and the remaining available power. Depending on the model they could recharge your ecigarette from 3 to 10 times and that’s a huge advantage for the price you are going to pay for such a device ($25-30).

More advanced Portable Charging Cases have also a type of social feature that make the device vibrate every time there is another user in a 50 meter radius, thus creating an icebreaker between ecigarette fans.

Vape PCC

Types of PCCs

V2 offers two choices of Portable Charging Cases, the standard version that lets you benefit from recharging your battery for almost four times and the XL version, that besides more storage space it also gives you the freedom of almost eight full charges for your ecigarette.

Cig2o offers its customers a stylish PCC that holds one additional battery and two cartomizers and it is able to recharge your ecigarette in about 1-2hours for almost three times.

Smokeless Image has a special accessory called The Volt Slider PCC that comes with a replaceable 1000mAh battery that works with both 65mm & 78mm ecigarettes. It can deliver as many as four additional charges, giving you a high level of independence from power sources.

Apollo has also two choices of Portable Charging Cases, the standard version and the extreme version. Both come with LED indicators and can recharge your battery from 5-10 times thus giving you very good autonomy.

Benefits of using a PCC

Some of the benefits of these PCC are:

  1. A very classy way of carrying and charging your ecigarettes;
  2. Smaller than a pack of real cigarettes and can easily fit the palm of your hand;
  3. Depending on the brand, you can choose from a variety of colors and textures;
  4. Visual indicators of the charging time and the remaining battery power;
  5. It chargers in approx. 7h from USB and can recharge your ecigarette for almost  10 times;
  6. Great value for the purchase price;
  7. More discreet than using a standard vape charger;

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