Let’s talk a bit about throat hit, what is it and what causes it?

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The vaping terminology can be a bit overwhelming if you are a beginner and if you are browsing the net for your first e-cigarette then it’s very likely that you’ve come across some terms that you didn’t quite understand. While electronic cigarettes deliver an alternative nicotine delivery system that’s in a way very close to combustible tobacco, there are a couple of clear differences. While for the majority of users, the whole vaping experience is quite rewarding and many stick with their device from the begging until they manage to quit tobacco for good, for some people they don’t seem to do the trick and they end up returning to analogs.

sub ohm vaping Here is where a very common term plays a key role – and that is ‘throat hit’. This is why when a person makes the switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes it’s crucial that they go for a model and a nicotine concentration that offers a similar throat hit than the one he or she is already used to. This feeling is very important and it’s part of what makes the whole vaping experience rewarding. As opposed to other smoking cessation products out there, e-cigarettes are probably the closest to replicate the tingling sensation, but what exactly is this ‘throat hit’?

To put it simple, it is the sensation that the chemical nicotine induces in the throat and lungs when it is being inhaled. While in essence it’s more a symptom of moderate irritation, people that are smoking are not only accustomed to it but also love it.

Because it’s the direct result of burning tobacco leafs, cigarette smoke produces a heavy, full hit with each puff, particularly the ‘full flavor’ varieties. When this sensation is recreated electronically, and without the involvement of burning tobacco, it takes a bit of fine tuning and power to replicate the same perception with mist. Of course it’s something that can be achieved, but unfortunately not all electronic cigarette companies manage to get it right. Throat hit is probably the most important reason for the popularity of electronic cigarettes that makes them so adored by former smokers and incomparable to traditional smoking cessation products like nicotine patches, gum or inhalers.

The throat hit is such an important aspect of the whole vaping experience that a moderate one will feel like not inhaling anything at all for a heavy smoker. Then again, if the sensation is too powerful, it can be painful and even cause damage to the throat. If you are a regular smoker then you are probably familiarized with the difference between a Marlboro Red cigarette and a Marlboro Light. This is the main reason behind why some vapers are craving for a stronger sensation while others prefer a milder one – but drawing the line, it’s all about the throat hit.

Powerful vaporizers tend to give a much stronger throat hit even with smaller nicotine concentrations while in the case of cig-a-likes it takes around 3.6% nicotine to replicate the same feeling and sometimes that’s insufficient too.

So if you are a heavy smoker, we suggest going for a powerful mech mod or advanced personal vaporizer in order to really experience the true potential of e-cigarettes and never turn back to that pesky tobacco.

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Former pack-a-day smoker, I discovered electronic cigarettes back in 2011. Since then vaping has slowly turned into my hobby and my full time job. I’ve tested hundreds of e-cigarettes and mods across the years and constantly used my knowledge and experience to help others make the switch. I’m passionate about technology, I enjoy reading and I love big flavorful clouds.


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