JUUL pocket chargers | Comparing the Typhon and the JILI portable chargers

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Image of JUUL pocket chargers: Typhon VS JILI

Tired of your favorite pod mod constantly running out of battery? 200mAh is nowhere near getting through a full day, even with moderate puffs. Original JUUL pocket chargers would have made great accessories, unfortunately Juulvapor doesn't make them.

But what if this burning request of JUUL e-cig users all over was finally answered? We tested two of the most popular charging cases from 3rd party companies and what we discovered was really interesting.

The Typhon and the JILI are portable charging cases specifically manufactured for the JUUL vape. Both of them have generous built in batteries and can recharge the tiny vape in less than an hour. And that's not all. Both these cases can easily fit a JUUL inside and they are tailored for any pocket or purse.

What is a portable charging case and how does it work

A portable charging case is essentially a battery designed to accommodate and recharge on the go a specific product. The case itself is recharged via USB and usually has all sorts of indicator lights. In our case these devices have the same connectors as the JUUL battery. As soon as you slide in the tiny pod vape it will start the charging process.

The Typhon charger from Hydra Vapor

The Typhon charging case from Hydra Vapor is very sleek and durable. It's very similar to a standard external battery for your phone and it's powered by an 800mAh cell. Measures around 135mm x 55mm x 20mm. Has the "Hydra" logo on one side and the micro-USB slot as well as four LED lights on the other. It can fully charge your small vape pens up to 4 times in theory, however it all depends on the ambient temperature.

Typhon charging case

The JUUL compartment easily slides out of the metallic shell. This is made from medical grade silicone and can accommodate the pod vaporizer, the micro-USB charger as well as an extra pod. Once you insert your vape the LED notification light will start blinking. The outer case LEDs will also light up to show remaining battery life.

It's a pretty straight forward device and does its job perfectly. The slider connectors are magnetic and the shell is made from high quality anodized aluminum. Comes with a user manual as well as a standard micro-USB cable.

The JILI PCC for the JUUL

The JILI Box or JILI pocket charger is a 1200mAh external battery. It's very similar to a pack of actual cigarettes and features a nice LED display on the bottom. It measures 110mm x 59mm x 14mm and weighs about 130g.

JILI pen vape

The top cover is hinged and allows easy access to slide in your vape pen. When you do this the display on the bottom will show battery status. Next to the ecig you can also carry two spare pods.

The JILI portable charge case takes between 2h – 3h to get fully charged via USB. It can recharge you pod vaporizer up to 5 times but it all depends on multiple factors. It's easy to use, and easy to carry around in your pocket. Get the Jili powerbank charger at V4L here.

Which JUUL pocket charger is better?

Between the Typhon and the JILI it's kind of hard to pick a winner. Both these devices have their pros and cons.

We like the Typhon for its more durable construction, and practicality. You can easily carry around your standard JUUL charger in case the battery runs out. We don't like its size and price tag.

The JILI has a bigger battery so it will charge your vape at least one time extra. It also has a better battery indicator and it's a lot more pocket friendly. On the other hand the hinge feels flimsy and the outer shell is made from plastic.

As a last minute solution you could always use an external battery with a standard USB output slot to recharge your vape. This can definitely boost the mAh capacity, unfortunately the whole assembly will look like a miniature wireless router which is hard to carry around in your pocket.

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    Hi my name is Michael and I'm the VP of sales at FUUL. FUUL is the newest Juul portable charger on the market and it was designed to be a lot more convenient than the conventional pocket styled chargers in this review. I would love to send over a sample in exchange for a review! For more information please check out our website or email me. Thank you!

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