Our Review On The Sigelei 50W

Sigelei 50W

You are probably familiar with some powerful box mods, and the Sigelei 50W is another beast from China that’s built to appeal any cloud chaser out there. It’s bulky, solid and it is powered by a single 18650 battery – as a side note, we only recommend buying authentic batteries from trusted vendors and for such powerful mods it’s always a good idea to go for a SONY 30Amp high drain model.

We have heard some concerns about the Sigelei 50W, but we didn’t experience any problems with the one we’ve tested. However, as another side note if you mount your atomizer and getting unrealistic Ohm readings then the product may be defective and using it will certainly ruin your coils. Also if any overheating occurs, or you notice the plastic being melted in any part of your mod then please return it to the vendor.

But let’s check out the packaging first. The Sigelei 50W comes in a nice flip top cardboard box alongside a quality control document, a manual, a small screwdriver, a micro USB cable and a bag of goodies that includes a 510 pin and some additional screws. The build quality is not extraordinary but the battery door slides open nicely and you can even screw it in place if you want to. The positive battery pin is adjustable and it will make good contact regardless of the type of battery you are using. However, we found it to be a bit difficult to take it out once it’s depleted without the help of something pointy like the screwdriver.

It does come with the popular 510 threading and the center pin is adjustable. Like in the case of other models, this pin is reverse threaded, which means you will need to turn your screwdriver clockwise for it to stand out.

Sigelei 50WOn one of the narrow sides of the Sigelei 50W you will notice the firing button (you need to press it 5 consecutive times to turn the device on) and the two (+) / (-) adjustment buttons. To lock the devices you will need to keep both these buttons pressed for a few seconds. One the main side of the mod you will notice the small LCD screen that shows the current wattage, output voltage, atomizer resistance and the remaining battery charge. The wattage can be adjusted anywhere from 7.0W all the way to 50W in 0.1 increments. Of course, there is a fast forward setting that can get you from 7 to 50 in a matter of seconds. You can also use any atomizer with a resistance between 0.2 Ohms and 3.0 Ohms.

Definitely the kind of mod built for cloud chasing, this device produces tremendous clouds with the 0.5-0.8Ohm range. We’ve tested it with a 70% VG mint flavored e-liquid and the vapor was dense and delicious, however a bit hot around the 0.4Ohm limit. But with our coils set at 0.8Ohms we more than delighted about the quantity and quality of vapor. The build quality can be greatly improved, but it’s a nice toy to amaze your friends with.