SX Mini M Class from Yihi is a great temperature controlled mod

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YIHI SX Mini M Class

The SX MINI M Class his is one high end device by Yihi. It feels top notch and performs flawlessly. If you are looking to buy a high end mod with great temperature control then the M Class might just be for you, however the difference in performance is not that big when compared to the DNA 40. But the extra watts and features sure make it a worthy opponent.

8.4 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

SX Mini M Class temperature controlled Mod

Temperature control is hitting it off as the new trend in the e-cigarette industry, and I’m happy to announce I have one of the hottest mods to show you guys. My friend Mike bought his SX Mini M Class at the beginning of the month and agreed to lend it to me for a week so I could check out what the buzz is all about. This is one pretty expensive compact box mod – given the $200 price range – and I’m so glad Mike decided to make my wish come true (cheers, mate!). Apparently it is powered by the YiHi Ecigar SX350J chip and this is one of the newest, most stable and best performing boards to date.

SX Mini M Class silverThe unique thing about the SX Mini M Class is that instead of the usual watts or volts, it uses Joules as an indicator of power with respect to temperature. So you won’t be able to adjust the wattage on this compact box mod, because it works in Joules. And Joules are a totally different unit of measure, but the functionality is not far from standard variable wattage devices. If here you can go from 10J to 50J and you know the maximum power output is 60W it’s easy to create an equivalence.

What you are getting

In terms of packaging it comes in a high end flip-top white box, and inside you are going to find the mod itself, a charging cable and an instructions manual. It requires an external 18650 battery to operate but you can charge it via the micro-USB cable if you don’t have (or don’t want to buy) an external smart charger. The design is very ergonomic and it fits in the hands just perfectly. The body is made from stainless steel and high end aluminum and the build quality is excellent. The finish has a nice grip to it and the firing button is clicky yet with the exact amount of resistance.

Looking at the top of the SX Mini M Class you are going to spot the 510 connector, then following the curved surface we can see the firing button, the OLED display, the adjustment buttons and the charging port. From what I know it comes in three different colors – all of them combinations between black, gray and silver. On the bottom you do get the stainless battery cap with venting holes and taking it out is a bit tricky if you use your nail (I would have used a coin but I’m afraid not to scratch it).

How it works

To turn the mod on you need to press five times on the firing button, and one of the things that you’ll notice is the generous and crisp OLED display. This is probably one of the best out there and a true pleasure to watch. What I really enjoy about it is that is has some sort of ambi-light surrounding the display in a different shade of blue than the characters. It’s also very rich in information and it shows the current Joules, the battery, atomizer resistance, temperature setting, a counter, and the operating mode (soft, standard, or powerful). It also comes with a built in accelerometer to help you go through the menu, but the great thing is that you can also use the adjustment buttons.

You can even turn off the temperature control mode and enjoy the SX Mini M Class with regular Kanthal coils in variable wattage mode. Another great feature of the mod is the fact that you have five different memory settings for the Joules setups you enjoy regularly and this is great because you can switch between then by only pressing two buttons.


Now, in terms of performance this clearly is a mod that’s intended to be used with Nickel coils most of the time. Temperature control works SX Mini M Class bottom viewlike a charm and the various modes (like standard, or soft, or powerful) are great for finding your own personal style of vaping on the SX Mini M Class. Vapor production is great, you can use it with sub-ohm tanks and it can fire at very low resistances (0.15 Ohms).

One thing that’s absolutely impressive is that for a China made mod, this is one high end device that feels top notch and performs flawlessly. My only problem was with the accelerometer that got me mad a couple of times but on the positive side I’s great that you can also adjust the settings with the (+) /  (-) buttons if you keep the mod straight.

So if you are looking to buy a high end mod with great temperature control then the M Class might just be for you, however the difference in performance is not that big when compared to the DNA 40.  But the extra watts and features sure make it a worthy opponent.

Product Specifications

Rating of the Yihi Sx Mini M Class

8.4 Overall score
70 Score
Price 70
90 Score
Battery Life 90
90 Score
Aestetics 90
80 Score
Ease of Use 80
90 Score
Build quality 90

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