Our Review On The Kamry GOD 180W

In the battle of mods and variable wattages, there can be only one GOD, and this is 180W monster from Kamry certainly deserves a place in Valhalla. And in order to shed some light on some of the confusions – the GOD 180W is made by SMY but sold as an OEM product to Kamry, which in turn rebranded it with their own logo. So, none of the products are clones but the same box mod with different logos.

NOTE: Please note that the Kamry GOD is no longer available. We do have some reviews about similar devices but we kindly suggest you to check out our selection top box mods of this year.

The Kamry GOD 180W comes packed in a zipper locked black pouch and inside you will find the huge mod, a matching drip tip, a screwdriver and spare screws, a manual and a quality control document. And we didn’t say ‘huge’ for nothing because this box mod is quite bulky and heavy and its body is made from solid aluminum.

Kamry GOD 180W silverOn the top side you will notice the 510 / eGo connection, surrounded by a nice removable beauty ring. The center pin in non-adjustable but we didn’t encounter any sort of problems with it and while the device works with eGo style recessed clearomizers they don’t look that nice on such a big mod. On the front side of the GOD 180W you will notice the display and the two (+) / (-) buttons used for adjustments. The firing button is located on the side and it’s quite responsive, while the back panel is removable. After taking out the two screws you can remove the panel and mount your batteries.

The GOD 180W mod is powered by three 18650 batteries that need to have a minimum continuous discharge rate of over 25A. Don’t use doubtable quality batteries with this mod and it’s recommended that you go for some Sony VTC5 or equivalent that can withstand around 30A. You will also need to respect the correct polarity indicated on the board because the mod won’t power up otherwise.

To power on the 180W mod you simply need to press five consecutive times on the firing button. The same goes if you want to turn it off. You will notice the generous display that shows the remaining battery charge, the chip temperature, the resistance of the atomizer, a puff counter, the wattage and the output voltage.

To access the menu you need to press the firing button three consecutive times. Here you can tweak various aspects of your mod like the cut-off period depending on the wattage range, go from manual to automatic vaping – some sort of an auto pilot – and also go from regular vaping to high power vaping. High power vaping is considered after the 80W limit and the device displays a warning that you must only enable this setting if using 25A batteries. Also, the auto pilot – while a new feature – we didn’t use it that much and decided that manual mode offered a far better and normal alternative.

The wattage range on the Kamry GOD 180W is between 5W all the way to 180W, but- pay close attention – you will only benefit from the whole power when using a 0.5 Ohm atomizer. The mod itself will work with any atomizer or tank that ranges between 0.5 to 4.0 Ohms. The devices comes with multiple safety features such as short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, temperature protection (85 degrees limit), low battery voltage protection and automatic cut-off.

So, clearly the GOD 180W is a mod designed mostly for vaping enthusiasts and cloud chasers and from our point of view it’s not the tool we would recommend to a beginner or intermediate. Even so, vaping at 180W is rather unrealistic because in order not to get any dry hits the cut-off period has to be very close to 1 second. And the vapor is very hot not to mention irritating to the back of your throat so unless you’re showing off to a friend, you won’t be vaping at maximum power that often. Most people will use it between the 50W and 100W but it’s always great to have some extra power stored around just in case.Kamry GOD 180W different colors

As you would probably expect, this beast puffs out tremendous clouds of vapor and it will get a regular room filled with mist in only a few seconds. The amount of vapor is mind blowing, the throat hit is powerful even with low nicotine concentrations and flavor is at its best until you reach 80W.

Overall it’s a great mod, very powerful, and with a lot of safety features. We didn’t encounter any issues with it but, as we said before, this is not a tool for everyone.