How foodies choose their e-cigarette flavor

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Electronic cigarettes have become very popular these days and the variety of e-cigarette flavors available will leave anyone drooling. You’ve probably heard about foodies – people who seek new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out for convenience or hunger – and their passion for the most refined aromas but this article isn’t destined entirely for them. You might have noticed that some beverages come to compliment certain types of foods and that some taste go great with others. It’s known by so many people that red wine tastes great with a big juicy steak, beer tastes better with a slice of pizza, white wine goes with fish and champagne is best complimented by strawberries. And of course, there are those that create their own personal combinations of tastes like cookies and milk, pineapple and mascarpone or mangos with whipped cream.

strawberry ice cream ejuice flavorNow, getting to the point of it all, you probably know that most smokers will agree that their cigarettes taste better in the morning with their coffee, between the main courses or just after enjoying their meal. The same goes with e-cigarettes, as vaping certain flavors can really enhance the taste of the food you’re enjoying. The trick is to watch out for certain primary flavors in your food or drinks that might be complimented by your favorite e-liquids. Even though it might take a little bit of practice and a lot of trial and error, in the end you’ll end up very satisfied and with a revolutionary vaping experience.

If you are new to this, then let us give you some hints and ideas about what goes with what and afterwards maybe you’ll let us know about your personal favorites.

Generic tobacco flavors go great with fish or seafood. Have you ever tried V2’s ‘Congress’ e-liquid? It’s somehow similar to Parliament cigarettes and it will compliment you Spaghetti alle Vongole or other delicious dishes like crab cakes or oysters.

Authentic bold American style tobacco flavors go perfectly with rich dark meats. These e-liquids taste divine after a medium rare pork chop or after some deliciously glazed spare ribs. Adding a glass or red wine to the equation and you’ll have one of the most refined dinners.

Most fast foods like burgers, hot dogs and fries go great with a glass of coke; therefore most cola flavored e-liquids will surely compliment your sinful culinary treats. Enjoy it after pizza, kebabs, tacos or anything else hot, greasy or fried. You will spoil your taste buds without the extra calories inside a beverage glass.

Cherry flavored e-liquids go great side by side with your Caesar salad or your grilled romaine with Roquefort vinaigrette. It will give these appetizers a different new aroma and you’ll be craving for your ecigarette each time you take a bite.

Chocolate goes great in any dessert but we suggest trying vanilla or strawberry ice cream along with your favorite chocolate e-liquid. You’ll end up with a mildly sweet perfume on your taste buds that will compliment your sunny days.

Last but not least, what can go great in the morning along your doughnuts or pancakes if not your favorite coffee flavored e-liquid?

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