Differences between single coils and dual coils explained

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You are probably seeing a lot of discussions about building coils if you visit any online vaping community and you’re probably what’s the difference and how exactly do these coils work.

Single coil vs dual coil builds

A single coil build uses one micro coil that passes through the positive post and one of the negative posts. A dual coil build uses two micro coils that can be arranged depending on the type of atomizer. And while nowadays you can buy stock atomizer heads in single, dual, or quad coil configurations, you can also make them yourself with basic understanding of coiling and wicking procedures.

Single coil vs Dual coil

If the RDA tank has airflow holes on opposite ends, it’s indicated that the coils should be placed symmetrical and mirrored to the central post. If the atty has airflow holes on all four sides, then you can place the two both coils on the same side or facing one another (sharing the same positive and negative posts).

The atomizer resistance

The idea is that no matter what the configuration, they will still be in parallel and the total resistance of the atomizer will be the resistance of each coil divided by two. This means that if you have two 1.0-Ohm coils, in dual coil mode the resistance of the atomizer will be 0.5 Ohms.

If you use one of these coils in single coil mode, the resistance of the atomizer will be 1.0 ohms. For dual coil configurations, both coils need to be identical in what the type of Kanthal and number of wraps are concerned.

Both these configurations have their own ups and downs and in the end it depends solely on your own personal preference but we will try to point out some of them.

Positives of single coil builds

First of all let’s look at a single coil configuration, which is ideal for any beginner. Some of the positive aspects regarding this build is that is very simple to put in practice and another plus is that you can also buy pre-wrapped coils. They tend to consume less e-liquid and less battery but at the same time, they deliver a moderate amount of vapor and a moderate throat hit. The temperature is a lot cooler but they require a longer heating time.

Positives of dual coil builds

Dual coils require a lot more expertise and hand skills to put into practice, even though it’s a lot easier for a beginner if he or she buys pre-wrapped coils. They offer a far superior quantity of vapor and both the flavor and throat hit are greatly improved. However, the vapor tends to be a bit hotter and the battery is depleted a lot faster.

They do need less time to reach the vaping temperature but at the same time, the e-liquid is vaporized a lot quicker.

Dual coil build

To conclude

If you are the type of vaper that is usually pleased with a good vaping experience, a decent amount of vapor and reasonable flavor and throat hit, we suggest if you go for the single coil build. If you are already familiar with the inner workings, have good hand skills and want to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your device, then dual coils are the best for you.

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