CBD Vape Juice 101 - Everything about Cannabidiol e-juices for Vaping

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Image of CBD vape juice: Everything you need to know

CBD vape juice is becoming more and more popular. Multiple studies have concluded that this cannabinoid has numerous health benefits. From helping with anxiety to relieving chronic pain it’s like a supercharged wonder drug. You can get it in the form of oils, capsules, gummies and tinctures. However lately we’ve also stumbled upon a variety of CDB e-liquids

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the most common cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. The other popular cannabinoid is called THC. But unlike THC, CBD does not get you high.

What is CBD

Many of the plant’s benefits come from the two substances combined, however scientists discovered that Cannabidiol has some great medicinal properties also by itself.

Why CBD as part of e-liquids?

Cannabidiol is usually taken orally as oil, capsules or gummies. Still, when inhaled it reaches the bloodstream much faster, just like most other substances. And since electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers are so popular, some companies decided to invest in creating CBD e-liquids. A win win situation for both industries.

What is CBD e-liquid?

CBD juice is an e-liquid made from a crystalline powder called Cannabidiol isolate. This isolate is mixed together with PG, VG and flavoring in various proportions. The end result is a vapable liquid that’s very similar to its nicotine counterpart. It can be used in any type of tank or vape pen and you will feel its properties in a matter of minutes.

What is CBD eliquid

To enjoy CDB liquid just fill up your tank like you would normally do. We recommend mouth to lung setups since these work best. Sub ohm tanks produce a bigger amount of vapor, but at the same time your body won’t be able to absorb the substance properly. And since Cannabidiol is pretty expensive you wouldn’t want to waste a big percentage of it.

In comparison to regular nicotine e-liquid, CBD juice has a slightly bitter/ slightly earthy aftertaste. It all depends on the the type of flavoring used and the experience can differ from person to person.

What are the most popular CBD juice brands?

Koi CBD is one of the best CBD oils for vaping. It includes five delicious dessert flavors and one unflavored version. These e-liquids come packed in 30ml bottles fitted with dropper caps. Concentrations vary between 100mg and 1000mg and prices range between $29.99 – $99.99. You can use them as such, or you can buy the more concentrated version and combine them with your favorite nic e-liquids.

CBD E-juice brands

Blue Moon Hemp is another popular CBD e-juice line. This includes four flavors and you can get them in concentrations of 100mg, 200mg or 400mg. This is a 70VG/30PG mix and it’s made with Cannabidiol extracted from industrial hemp. The line comes packed in 30ml bottles fitted with droppers.

Make your own Cannabidiol E-liquids

Cannabidiol e-liquids can be quite expensive and the range of flavors pretty limited. If you want to make your own and use some of the e-liquid flavors you enjoy there’s an easy way to do this: All you need is CBD isolate, PG, VG and flavorings.

When doing Cannabidiol vape juices at home, CBD isolate is the way to go. These crystals come in 500mg or 1000mg containers and they are 99.9% pure. The best way to get the quantities right is by using 10ml bottles and a precision scale.

DIY CBD juice

CBD crystals only mix in Propylene Glycol and the higher the PG concentration, the easier they dissolve. We recommend starting with 80% PG, which is 8mlf if you’re using a 10ml bottle. Since flavoring are also PG based, you can include 1-2ml of flavor in those initial 8ml.

Measure 100mg or 0.1g of CBD isolate with a high precision digital scale. Add it to the 8ml of PG and flavoring and mix it well. Allow a few hours for everything to get properly dissolved. To speed up the process you can put the bottle inside a pot of warm water. Mix it again and then add 2ml of VG, which is 20%. This will result in 10ml of CBD e-liquid with 100mg concentration. Each milliliter of juice has a concentration of 10mg.

Of course you can easily increase the concentration of CBD by adding more isolate. If you don’t have a high precision scale, mixing 500mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle will result in a concentration of 16.6mg per milliliter. The recommended dose is of about 100 puffs of 100mg CBD e-liquid daily. When using higher concentrations, reduce the number of puffs accordingly.

Safety tip: do not use CBD OIL in this process and do not mix CBD OIL with your e-liquids. Oil based substances are not intended for vaping. Use ONLY Cannabidiol isolate. Some PG/VG based CDB tinctures can be mixed with vape juice, but only when the manufacturer recommends it.

Final words

At the moment of writing this article, CBD is considered legal in most US states. CBD does not get you high and the amount of residual THC usually found in these oils is under 0.3%. Check your State / Country laws before ordering any type of CBD supplement. Make sure to ask your physician before using CBD vape juices. All the information above represents our personal opinion and cannot be considered medical or legal advice.

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