Yocan Torch Domeless Portable Enail review

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Yocan Torch portable enail
Many people consider portable enails as the cleanest way to enjoy waxes and concentrates. The Yocan Torch is the first such product we got the chance to test and it’s a real game changer. It connects to any 14mm or 18mm dab rig and the flavor and vapor you get off it is absolutely incredible. And while it may look like an alien device at first, it’s super easy to use once you get the hang of it.
6.2 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Instant heat up time

Great flavor

Dual quartz rods


It's made out of many parts

Requires a learning curve

You will need a 14/18mm glass rig

Yocan Torch portable EnailThe Yocan Torch is a dome-less portable enail and you can get it in two colors - black and stainless steel. It comes packed in a black cardboard presentation box with a picture of the device on top. Inside you will find the enail, a spare coil, a dab tool, a charging cable and the user manual.

Looks weird, works great

This Y-shaped dab vaporizer consists out of 3 parts - the battery, the main body and the heating chamber. The battery is placed on one side and it has a total capacity of 1100mAh. It charges with a standard micro-USB cable and the whole process takes around 90 minutes. It has a button on the top that is back-lit and will glow whenever you turn it on or off.

The heating chamber is placed on the other side and consists of multiple components. We have a metal tube with an airflow attachment at the top. This can be replaced with the glass tube for a different type of draw and a cleaner air path. Under the tube we have the coil head, covered by the coil cap. This has a resistance of 0.5 Ohms and uses quartz dual coil technology. The coil screws into a base, which in turns attaches to the main body.

The main body of the Yocan Torch has a connector on the base. This connector is used to attach the enail to your dab rig. For 14mm rigs just connect it directly, while for 18mm rigs you simply need to take it out and screw it to the base with the opposite side. The connector works with either male or female correspondents on the rig, which makes it very versatile.

How to use the Yocan Torch

To use the enail just put some wax inside the coil, use your favorite tube on top and connect it to your glass rig. As soon as you press the button the Yocan Torch will start to heat up and you can inhale. When you’re done just press the button again, or it will automatically turn off after 15s. We found the glass tube to give better flavor, but the metal tube has better airflow.


Performance wise the Yocan Torch is a really great enail and it will take your concentrates experience to a whole new level. It’s easy to use once you read the manual and the flavor you get from it is just insane. Vapor is also off the charts and it’s a great thing you get the spare coil. We absolutely loved it and we’re sure you will too.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Great
Built Material:Metal (general)
Chamber type:Stainless Steel
Charge duration:1 - 2 hours
Device Size:Bulky
Heat up time:Instant
Heating source:Battery
Temperature settings:Fixed temperature

Rating of the Yocan Torch

6.2 Overall score
60 Score
Aestetics 60
60 Score
Ease of Use 60
80 Score
Power 80
40 Score
Chamber Capacity 40
70 Score
Ease of Maintenance 70

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