SteamCloud Mini oils vaporizer | Great tiny vaporizer for oil cartridges

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SteamCloud Mini oils vaporizer

We rarely get our hands on a device that's so reliable and affordable like the SteamCloud Mini oils vaporizer. This tiny box mod works with separately purchased skinny oil cartridges and it's particularly great for CBD. It's lightweight, very easy to use and packs enough battery life to easily get you through a whole day of moderate vaping.

8.6 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Excellent battery life

Easy to use


Plastic body

What's inside the SteamCloud Mini box

The SteamCloud Mini oils vaporizer comes packed in a small black box. Inside you will find the device itself, an USB charging cable, two magnetic 510 rings as well as the user manual. The vape mod is only available in black and you can use it with any type of skinny oil cartridge, regardless if it's plastic or glass.

Tiny box mod – big benefits

The SteamCloud Mini CBD vape measures 63.5mm x 28mm x 18mm and weighs less than 100 grams. It's incredibly compact, lightweight and super stealthy. Fits the palm of your hand perfectly and it's easy to carry around in your shirt pocket or jeans.

The body is made from hard plastic and has a small window on the side, through which you can always check out the oil level inside the cartridge. Fire button is placed on the same side, and five consecutive clicks turn the device on or off.

Once you screw the magnetic ring on the 510 threads of your oil cartridge just slide it inside the slot and it will easily snap into place. The magnets are very strong and won't allow it to become loose if you don't pull it out. With the cartridge inside just press the fire button and take slow pulls from the mouthpiece for a smooth and consistent vape experience.

Steamcloud Mini contents

650mAh battery – more than enough

This tiny oils vaporizer is powered by an internal 650mAh battery. This is more than enough for any CBD vaper and it will easily last the whole day. Somebody who uses the device to carefully dose his or her oils intake might enjoy it even for several days.

The SteamCloud Mini box mod also has a blue LED notification light that acts also as a battery indicator. It's a bit hard to see it during the day but definitely noticeable if you pay close attention.

Performance and final words on the SteamCloud Mini vape

The SteamCloud Mini oils vaporizer is excellent for anyone looking for a discreet and reliable device for CBD or other types of vape oils. Works with separate cartridges and comes with two magnetic 510 threaded sleeves. Battery life is amazing and the overall experience is very impressive. The only con we have is the plastic body, which feels a bit cheap. However for a budget vaporizer it does a really good job and it's hard to find anything better in this price range.

Product Specifications

Rating of the Steamcloud Mini Oils Vaporizer

8.6 Overall score
90 Score
Price 90
90 Score
Battery Life 90
80 Score
Aestetics 80
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
80 Score
Build quality 80

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