Is it ok to travel with your ecigarette?

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We are all aware that the rules banning smoking, generally don’t apply to vaping due to the fact that there is no actual smoke, flame or tobacco but when it comes to traveling by air, one of the most frequent questions asked by ecigarette users is “Can I fly with my electronic cigarette?”.

smoking airborneThere is a bit of controversy regarding this subject and you can clearly see why. The first fact is that none of the regulatory agencies like The Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration have yet to come up with a clear response to this issue. There is no official ban on ecigarettes but the US airline carrier companies are allowed to make their own policies regarding this matter.

The second fact is that during the flight people might tend to confuse vapors with actual smoke and that could produce panic. If the public would be educated to this form of nicotine delivery method and the flight attendant would explain before takeoff that these devices are harmless and that fellow passengers should not get alarmed, then perhaps the situation would be totally different.

But let’s get to the point, and the ugly truth: ecigarette use is not permitted by any US Airline company due to the fact that companies are waiting for a firm point of view from the government and don’t want to address the issue themselves.  Airlines for America, JetBlue, American Airlines and Delta agree that ecigarettes may be non-hazardous but don’t allow it in their planes.

From all the international air carriers only three (Japan airlines, Airtran and KLM) have clear reference on their websites that smoking of electronic or artificial ecigarettes is prohibited.

Officially, vaping is not illegal – it is only against the company policy which is usually enforced by the flight attendant (but keep in mind that there is a big difference between the two).

But traveling with your ecigarette on board airplanes is not prohibited. Sure, there are cases of people stopped by security when trying to board with their eliquid bottles but you have to keep in mind that all liquids are carefully regulated due to airline safety reasons. You should never forget about the 3oz bottle rule and keep in mind that the newer two-part models of ecigs are more sanitary and you should also take the disposable ones into consideration.

Here are some helpful tips if you are about to book an airline ticket:

-        Vaping is not illegal, but it depends on each company how it enforces its policies. Just remember to always be friendly and polite;

-        You can always ask the flight attendant for permission (there are lots of stories among ecig users when a simple demonstration and a friendly smile can do wonders);

-        Keep your ecigarettes and accessories in your carry on;

-        Get informed about the company policy regarding ecigarette use;

-        If you have a long trip planned you should consider a PCC or disposables;

-        Never forget about the 3oz bottle rule;

As a conclusion, it is ok to travel with your ecigarette just be careful not to attract any negative attention. You can always turn potential conflicts into chances to educate the public about these harmless devices. Also pay close attention to the internal rules and regulations of each company when it comes to lithium batteries onboard.

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