Some tips on traveling with your e-cigarette or AVP

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Tourism and traveling are some of the most blooming industries both in the U.S. and worldwide and they generate trillions of dollars in profit. It has an economic impact in excess of $2 trillion annually just in the U.S. alone.

Besides going to popular vacation spots, many people in the U.S. and around the world have to travel for work purposes. And whether it is for a weeklong conference or just an overnight trip for a quick meeting, business travel alone accounts for over $500 billion in direct economic impact in the U.S. every year.

Decades ago, it was quite common to see smokers lighting up their cigarettes on planes, buses and trains, but as the health risks of smoking become more obvious and on the minds of the traveling public, so have restrictions on where you can use tobacco products or not.

travel with ecigs Packing for a trip can be chaotic most of the times and it is only when you reach the airport or your destination you come to realize you forgot something very important at home. This is why the best way of planning your trip is with a pencil and a piece of paper. An updated list made days in advance could be a potential vacation saver and it will be of great use in future trips too. If your job comes with frequent unplanned trips, the best solution is to always have a list ready in your suitcase for when you pack your things in a hurry.

For people who take great pride in their e-cigarette or AVP, this devices should be a definite must-have on any vacation or business trip and contrary to popular belief it’s not that big of a deal to take it with you everywhere.

Although these devices are generally designed with durable materials, you do not have to toss your e-cig into a backpack or suitcase, but instead make sure it is properly secure to reduce the risk of damage. Compression and tension from other items inside your luggage can produce cracks in your ecig that will further result in e-liquid drippings and the device malfunctioning.

It is always recommended to keep your electronic cigarette and accessories in a hard-shell case and wrapping it up in some laundry or clothes. Many ecigs come with their own sturdy box, traveling case or pouch but alternatively you can use a basic sunglasses case.

Also, do not forget to take all of the essential accessories with you, such as the wall charger, car charger, e-liquid bottles, extra battery and portable charging case. It is also recommended to always take with you a pack of disposable ecigarettes in case your battery fails or there is no electricity. Even though they don’t perform as well as an actual rechargeable, these devices can save you when the nicotine crave hits.

The last thing to remember is to always check the rules and regulations of every bus station, train station, airport or restaurant before puffing on your device. These tend to change from state to state and even from location to location so please puff with caution.

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