How to take good care of your e-cigarette cartridges

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Flavors are very important for every vaper and its possibly one of the main reasons for the huge popularity of the e-cigarette these days. Moreover, whether it is the aroma inside the cartridge or inside each drop of e-liquid, the flavor keeps us vaping for hours in a row. The more mouthwatering and complex the aroma, the more you will love it as it lingers on your tastes buds. And while some people enjoy the traditional taste of tobacco or menthol, there are many others that are thrilled by sweets and fruits and can’t get enough of these lovely flavors.

ecig cartomizers E-cigarette cartridges are an essential component to vaping for all of those users that adore cig-a-like type devices. They hold the flavored nicotine e-liquid, are crafted together with the atomizers, which are also necessary for vaporizing the juice, and they contain the mouthpiece on which the vapers puff on.

For everything they are accountable for, and all that they bring to the table, it is important to know how to take care of your cartridges. If you treat them correctly, they will last for as long as possible and their performance will always be top notch. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with the process:

  • Learn to use them properly. It might seem obvious, but not all people know how to handle these types of products and this is why it is important to read the manual for instructions on the daily use
  • They are designed to be stored in dry places and below 75F, so don’t put them in contact with water or keep them under direct sunlight
  • If the cartridge gets hot while in use, stop using your electronic cigarette until it completely cools off
  • Electronic cigarette cartridges have a freshness lifespan, this is why they are intended for use within one week after being unsealed, losing their potency after this period
  • Don’t do odd things like blow or exhale into the cartridge; they are definitely not meant for any type of action other than screwing them onto the battery and puffing from them
  • Most cartridges are disposable (unless stated otherwise), so throw them away after depleted and do not attempt to refill them with e-liquid
  • You should always vape with moderate puffs, 10 to 15 long, slow draws and around 5seconds between them. Quicker puffing translates into less vapor and that’s something we don’t want
  • When you start having a burnt taste in your mouth, it probably means that the cartridge is depleted and it is time to replace it with a fresh new one
  • Screw the cartridge onto the battery until it fits perfectly, but with care and try not to over tighten. This is one of the main reasons for cartridge malfunctioning and not produce the usual amount of vapor
  • Last but not least, keeping your battery clean is another great factor to always get the most out of your cartomizers


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