My secret e-juice recipe revealed

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We covered homemade e-liquids in previous articles, but today I want to take it step by step and show you it's not that complicated to experiment with flavors and to make your own signature juices to share with friends. To get started with a complex DIY e-juice recipe you must first know the basics about flavor concentrates, bases and nicotine (you can find all the info in the DIY e-liquids post I did a while back) and only then carry on with the next step which is the recreation of a familiar sweet flavor.

Vegetable Glycerin container If you've never done this before, there are a lot of websites and forums for DIY e-juice recipes, and depending on the type of flavor you're looking to recreate it might require buying several bottles of concentrate and additives (depending on the case). For the purpose of this demonstration we are going to make 50ml of Pink Lemonade e-liquid, with VG/PG ratio of 70/30 and a nicotine concentration of 3mg.

The secret e-juice recipe

The required flavor concentrates for my secret DIY e-juice recipe are the following: 1.25ml of Strawberry Shisha concentrate (from the company INAWERA), 0.4ml of Raspberry concentrate (from the company INAWERA), 0.4ml of Lime concentrate (from the company Flavorah), 3ml of Lemonade concentrate (from the company Flavorah), and 1.5ml of Lemon Shisha concentrate (from the company INAWERA). This will result in a total of 6.55ml of flavor, which we are going to mix with 43.45ml of base in a ratio of 13.1% flavor to 86.9% nicotine base.DIY nicotine mix

Use a 1.0ml / 2.0ml syringe to carefully measure the quantities of flavor concentrates and a 50ml plastic bottle with unicorn cap in which to mix everything together. Start by slowly taking the required amount of flavors with the syringe a blunt needle from their original containers and slowly pour them in the 50ml bottle. Make sure to take out the needle after each flavor, fill the syringe with air and then put the needle back to make sure you get all the concentrate inside the bottle.

Once all the 6.55ml of flavor are inside the bottle put the cap on and mix it vigorously with your hand. Then add 35ml of 100% VG base to the bottle (use a 10ml syringe for this) before mixing everything. empty eliquid bottlesAdd 6.37ml of 100% PG base to the mix and shake thoroughly before putting the closed 50ml bottle into a pot of hot tap water (don't heat up the water in your microwave or stove) and leave it to rest for 1 hour. After that add 2.08ml of 72mg PG nicotine solution to the bottle and shake it thoroughly for at least one minute. Leave it to rest for 15 minutes, shake it again and you're ready to vape.

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