SX Mini Q Class review

SX Mini Q Class

By far one of the most impressive mods I’ve put my hands on this year, the SX Mini Q Class is a thing of beauty and a true technological masterpiece. A bit pricey for the average budget, this $200 / 200W powerhouse is fitted with a very precise chip and it’s powered by two 18650 batteries for one of the best vaping experiences out there. The YiHi SX450J board hits like a beast and the temperature control feature works flawlessly (and you can even use other materials besides Ni, Ti, and SS with the TCR options).

SX Mini Q Class box contents The SX Mini Q Class comes packed in a white cardboard bag and inside you will find a high quality black jewelry style box with the mod, user manual, micro-USB cable and warranty card. So, right from the start I was more than impressed with the presentation, but I was even more impressed when I took the mod out of the box. It has a very nice metallic finish and a very durable feel, everything fitting together just perfectly and with zero rattle. It’s a bit taller than the Sigelei 213 and roughly the same size as the IPV5, but that’s acceptable considering it’s a dual 18650 mod.

The mod has a decent amount of weight to it especially with the batteries inside and the outer shell is made from zinc alloy with a beautiful paint job on the exterior. The buttons are positioned just perfectly for a comfortable grip and on the top side we have a protruding stainless steel 510 connector that feels solid and durable. It comes with a spring loaded brass pin and it should work fine with any atomizer or tank on the market today (I didn’t encounter any issues regardless of tank, RDA or even RDTA).

On the main side of the SX Mini Q Class we have the fire button (made from stainless steel), the gorgeous OLED display, the adjustment buttons (also made from stainless steel) and the micro-USB port intended for firmware upgrades and battery charging. And while the mod comes with a balanced charging feature, I recommend using a quality external charger just to be on the safe side and to prolong the life of your 18650s.SX Mini Q Class mod

The faces of the mod come off (they are held in place by three magnets each) and this gives you access to the battery compartment (the contacts are spring loaded). I recommend using high drain 30A 18650s to be able to reach the full 200W and there are a few options out there like the Sony VTC4s or the LG HB4s. Also, I always recommend using same brand batteries and marrying them to your mod when we’re talking about products that require dual 18650s (always charge them together and use them together).

Five clicks turns the SX Mini Q Class on, three clicks locks the device and five other clicks takes you to the menu, which is a bit complex and takes some time to get used to. You can switch from advanced operating mode to novice and have only a few features to adjust or you can leave it in advanced mode to be able to chance the temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius), the Power or Joules, the TC mode, the environmental temperature and so much more. You can also select Link and connect your mod to your laptop for future firmware upgrades.

SX Mini Q Class battery coverYou can also adjust the way the SX Mini Q Class hits the coil and you have Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, Soft, Eco, and even five other different presets (s1-s5) you can choose from. The screen automatically rotates when you flip the mod and you can even turn this sensor on or off from the menu.

In terms of performance the SX Mini Q Class is extremely precise, powerful and hits like a locomotive every single time. It’s a great mod to pair up with a good RDA or RTA and the temperature control works without any issues (you can totally add a preset for SS316L in the TCR mode and skip the default SS304). It’s very responsive, very well built and it’s a mod the vaping enthusiasts who can appreciate quality and know the difference between an excellent chip and one that has certain delays or bugs. The only con I can find for this mod is the way they designed the 510 connector to only be used with 22mm atomizers. Anything in the 24-25mm area has quite the noticeable overhang and doesn’t look right. But aside from this, the Q Class is probably one of my favorite mods from 2016.