Our Review On The Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery

Today we are going to take a look at one of the hottest selling products in recent months, and it’s not a mechanical mod or any advanced personal vaporizer – it’s a battery. But not any battery, as it’s built by Aspire to pair with their Atlantis tank, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever come across since reviewing electronic cigarettes. It’s called the ‘CF SUBΩ’ and it’s basically a very stable and reliable 510 rechargeable power source that’s specifically built for sub-ohming.

The Aspire CF Sub Ohm comes packed in a tube-shaped black cardboard box, with the Aspire logo on top and the choice of color checked with a ‘v’ (apparently it comes in black, red, blue and grey). You won’t find anything else inside the box, except for a small manual, with all the instructions and features being detailed on the Aspire website.  In simple terms, it’s a fixed voltage battery, operating at 4.2V, with a total capacity of 2000 mAh. It can provide a maximum current of 40A and it’s compatible with any atomizer with the resistance between 0.3 and 1.0 Ohms.

Aspire CF Sub Ohm batteryLooking that the Aspire CF Sub Ohm up close you can see it has a total length of 114.5mm and a diameter of 22mm – making it flush with a wide range of atomizers and tanks out there, besides the Atlantis. On the top side you will notice the 510 and eGo connection that feature a spring loaded positive pin, while on the bottom there are six vent holes to prevent the build-in cells from overheating. As mentioned before, Aspire makes this device in four colors – but we only got the black version – that has a nice slick carbon fiber finish to it. The firing button is massive and it’s surrounded by a glowing LED indicator light that blinks blue when you press it and orange when it’s time to recharge. In fact, to get a better understanding, it glows blue all the way from 4.2V to 3.5V when it starts fading to orange.

To turn on or off the device you will need to press the firing button 5 times in a row during a period of two seconds. You will notice the LED glowing white as a confirmation. To recharge the Aspire CF Sub Ohm you will need to take off your tank, screw the eGo charger and plug it in your wall adapter or USB port. Depending on the current, it will take anything between 2 to 5 hours for a complete recharge. The LED indicator will light up solid orange and solid blue until flashing 20 times at the end and turning off. It features a built-in chip that prevents overcharging so you will never have to worry about it. It does not come with a charger out of the box but you can use it with any eGo style power adapter. However, if you want a faster recharge, you can get the one from Aspire that sells for around $5 and has a power output of 4.2V/420mAh.

Besides the overcharge protection, this baby has many safety features to ensure the optimum vaping experience at these sub-ohm levels. The over discharge protection ensures that the battery doesn’t get below 3.2V and the atomizer remains off. If the atomizer presents a short circuit, the device will blink three times and go directly to sleep mode. You also have a charging short circuit chip that protects the battery and turns the device off.

Performance wise, if you pair the Aspire CF Sub Ohm with the Atlantis you are going to have a big surprise in terms of vapor production, throat hit and flavor because this gizmo packs a lot of power. Thick, lush clouds of vapor are going to fill up your room in no time and depending on your vaping style the 2000mAh capacity might just be enough for a whole day. You can also feel free to use the CF battery with any 22mm sub-ohm atomizer or tank and put it to the test. It does a great job and allows anyone experiment with cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping for such a reasonable price. All in all, it’s a very simple battery that works in the same way as a purely mechanical mod and it’s totally worth every dollar.