Our Review On The Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit

Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit

Teslacigs are the type of vape gear manufacturer who constantly tries to innovate and impress and despite doing this several times in the past with some of their best selling products, I have a brand new kit from them that clearly has all the characteristics of becoming the next champ. It’s called the Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit and it basically consists of a very small mod (with a recessed slot for the tank) and a sub ohm tank that kind of resembles the Cleito.

Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit various colorsHowever, unlike many other tiny mod kits on the market today (like the Target Mini for instance) this has a very nice ergonomic design and because the tank is “submerged” into the body it’s much easier to carry around and to fit in any pocket. If you’re familiar with the Tesla Nano 60W, it seems they took the same type of form factor and fire button and integrated them into a brand new device that’s stealthier and simpler to use.

The Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit comes packed in a nice black cardboard box with two “drawers” – one for the mod itself and the other for the Shadow tank (fitted with a 0.28 Ohm coil inside), a spare 0.6 Ohm coil, a micro-USB charge cable, a user manual, a spare Pyrex tube and spare O-rings. You also have the option of buying the mod separately (it comes in a transparent plastic box) but I do feel the kit offers more value and the tank is pretty decent in terms of vapor production and flavor to say the least.

The mod measures 70 x 50 x 25 mm (so yeah, it’s incredibly stealthy) and it has this really cool Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit redrubberized finish that seems durable and it gives such a nice grip. It only has a big round fire button on the top (that also acts as a battery life indicator with the glowing LED light), a micro-USB charging port on the side and battery venting holes on the base. Despite having 25mm in depth the mod only accepts tanks with a maximum diameter of 22.5mm due to the recessed design and body elements that surround it. This might be a con for some, but in the case of regular 22mm tanks you won’t have any problems.

The Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit is essentially an unregulated box mod that’s powered by an internal Li-Po battery rated at 2,200mah. Despite its small form factor the battery seems to be more than generous and it makes this combo a great option for all those looking for a stealthy mod that’s also easy to carry around all day. The body is made from solid Zinc alloy and despite its tiny size this device can go all the way up to 100W depending on the resistance you’re using. It can fire down to 0.1 Ohms but it does have a limit of 40A discharge current as well as other safety features (over charge protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection and over puffing cut-off).

Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit colors The Shadow tank that comes in the kit is built from stainless steel and Pyrex glass and it works with two types of coils – the 0.28 Ohm version, which on a full battery will vape at around 63W, and the 0.6 Ohm version, which will vape at around 30W (use a 0.2 Ohm coil tank – like the Cleito –  on this device and you’ll be vaping at nearly 90W – so it’s pretty impressive). The coil design is rather similar to the Cleito on first glance, but the cotton and wire don’t go as high up the chimney. It delivers a good flavor and plenty of vapor, but it’s definitely not something to be used for cloud chasing.

In terms of performance the Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit is a pretty solid contender in the tiny mod combos category and clearly one of the most powerful. I love the design, the responsive fire button and the generous battery life along with the fact that you can fully charge in in little under 2.5h. It does exactly what it was designed for and compared with it’s big brother the Tesla Nano 100w it’s a great kit to take with you to work or for a night out.