Suorin Air refillable pod vaporizer reviewed

Suorin Air vaporizer

Looking for a nice vape that can fit inside your wallet? The Sourin Air is pod style ecig is designed to do just that and it’s definitely a device that will get you noticed. This thin, rectangular vaporizer comes with a refillable pod and it’s the best thing you can try nicotine salts e-liquids on.

This credit-card-shaped vape falls in the same category as the JUUL, however it has a bigger battery and an endless choice of flavors. It is available in six different colors and besides being super portable it’s also very easy to use. Also it’s one of the few automatic low output vaporizers that comes with an on/off switch.


Suorin Air kit contentsThe open system pod e-cigarette is packed in a lovely white cardboard gift box and inside you will find the battery, the pod, a charging cable and the user manual. The pod is refillable and has a total capacity of 2.0ml. Unfortunately it’s not going to last forever, so you you will need to buy spares once the coil doesn’t produce as much vapor, or gives a burnt taste.


Suorin Air multiple colorsThe Suorin Air measures 86mm x 43mm x 8mm and weighs around 135 grams. It’s very easy to hold and use and the draw is pretty much mouth to lung. On the top side we have the pod with an integrated mouthpiece in one corner. On the base we have the charging port, the LED notification light as well as the on/off switch on one side.

It is powered by an internal 400mAh battery and this is enough to last you a full day at the office you you’re not a heavy vaper. It comes with a standard micro-USB slot and cable, which means you will be able to charge it with any android charger you might have lying around. It takes around 45 minutes to get the battery back to 100% and the LED notification light will blink red when it’s almost depleted. When the device is fully charged the light will glow blue each time you take a pull.


Suorin Air podThe pod is easy to access and it has a strong magnetic connector with the body of the Sourin Air. It has a rubber gasket you need to take off when refilling, however the port is wide enough to easily fit any unicorn bottle or dropper. We refilled it five times and it was still working great, however it should need replacing after 7 – 8 cycles. We recommend using nicotine salts e-liquids for this device since the 16W output is great for that fully satisfying throat hit.


The Suorin Air pod system vape is an excellent choice for all those looking for portability, performance and nicotine satisfaction. It can easily fit inside any wallet or pocket and the battery as well as the pod last for a very long time. Vapor production and flavor are great and considering it costs only $35 you’re looking at a very sweet deal. One of the best mouth to lung devices we tested since the JUUL.