Our Review On The Kanger EMOW Mega

Kanger EMOW Mega

If you are a beginner that’s looking to switch from smoking to vaping or if you have a friend or relative that wants to give e-cigarettes a shot, then we have for you today one of the best options for a starter kit that totally kicks ass.  It’s an eGo / EVOD style pen vaporizer from Kangertech and it’s called the EMOW Mega. We are not really sure how they came up with the name, but Kanger likes to be original  and regardless of what it’s called we are sure that this kit is going to become as popular as every other product released by the Chinese company.

Like any other new generation vape pen, the EMOW Mega is a niche product that is intended for beginners and intermediate vapers or as a back-up kit that’s very portable and offers a pretty good vaping experience. The device is slim and light and a pleasure to hold and puff on. It comes in five colors – Stainless, Brown, Red, Black, and Blue and the design is pretty eye catching. It’s obvious that Kanger put a lot of effort in the looks of this kit from the matching metal covered tank to the beauty ring and the battery that’s very smooth and solid.

Kanger EMOW Mega kit contents We received ours in a nice good quality white cardboard box that came with the new Kanger water reactive hologram (to prove it’s a genuine device) on the bottom and an authenticity serial that can be checked on the company’s website after you scratch the coating. Inside the box you can see the EMOW Mega battery and the tank, a user manual, a USB charge, a wall adapter and a blister with 5 replaceable new generation atomizer coils rated at 1.8 Ohms. So, considering what you get, it’s pretty fair to say that this kit is one of the best value for money products we’ve tested so far and we are happy to see more and more companies adopting the same policy.

The brushed finish is absolutely gorgeous and the whole device is incredibly stylish, especially with that tank mounted on top. It is compatible with other 510 or eGo style clearomizers but we don’t think you will find another perfect match in terms of design. The round power button is surrounded by an LED notification light and you need to press it five times to turn the device on or off. The light acts as in indicator of the battery charge and it will also tell you if you have reached the 10s cut-off limit or if you have a short in the atomizer.

The battery is an EVOD VV rated at 1,600mAh that features variable voltage via a dial at the bottom. You can change the setting according to your personal preference from 3.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4, to a maximum of 4.8V. You cannot turn the dial all the way, and once you reach the minimum or maximum values you need to twist it backwards for an intermediate setting. The voltage setting is directly responsible for the amount of vapor that the EMOW Mega produces and you will need to find a balance between this value and the amount of airflow you allow.

Yes, the tank – that is very similar to the Aerotank V2  or the EVOD versions – has an adjustable airflow mechanism that features five holes, which you can cover or leave open via a rotating ring. It has a total capacity of 2.8ml of e-liquid and it comes fitted with a 1.8 Ohm replaceable atomizer head. To refill the tank you simply need to unscrew the base and pour in the e-liquid while holding the device upside down. Replacing the coils is very simple and once you read the instructions and do it once it become routine.

The EMOW Mega is not a pass-through device and in order to recharge the battery you will need to take of the tank and plug in the cable. It’s recommended that you either
EMOW Mega battery and tank use the provide wall adapter or your computer’s USB port to recharge the battery and not adapters from your mobile phone because of the difference in voltages.

After you have filled up the tank with e-liquid you will need to give the wicks about 10 or 15 minutes to soak and only then you can start vaping on the EMOW. This procedure also applies each time you change the atomizer head.

In terms of performance this gizmo delivers plenty of vapor and if you combine maximum voltage with maximum airflow then you will be vaping almost similarly to a mod. It’s very sleek and versatile and we didn’t experience any issues with it. If you are new to vaping then by all means, give the EMOW Mega kit a try and you won’t be disappointed.