Our Review On The Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

When I first tested the TFV4 from Smok I was really, really impressed with the amount of vapor and the flavor and every time I got to review slightly different versions of the same tank (like the Micro in the Guardian Pipe III kit, the Mini, and even the Nano from the Smok Stick One) I was always more than happy with the results. I admire the way Smok listened to vapers’ suggestions and worked on improving their models so I was thrilled to find out they’ve just released a brand now fog making machine. It’s called the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast and it’s by far one of the most powerful tanks from the famous Chinese company, that also comes with a velocity style RBA deck.

Smok TFV8 boxThe Smok TFV8 is not bigger in terms of size or diameter in comparison with its older brother the TFV4, but it benefits from months of research and development and it embodies one of the best sub ohm vaping experiences out there. It comes packed in a black cardboard box and inside you will find the tank itself and this comes with three types of coils – the V8-T8 which is a beefy 0.15 Ohm octuple atomizer head, the V8-Q4 which is a beefy 0.15 Ohm quadruple atomizer head and the V8 RBA head that comes with two pre-built Claptons inside. Besides the tank and the coils you also get a user manual, bag of goodies (seals, vape bands, O-rings etc), a bag of cotton, and a spare Pyrex glass tube.

The base diameter of the Smok TFV8 measures 24.5mm while the glass diameter measures 25.5mm (a millimeter wider) which really helps with the total e-liquid capacity of 6.0ml. It has a height of 70mm and a weight of around 75g, with a solid stainless steel and glass construction. It has the same swivel top filling mechanism like on all the other tanks from the TFV4 series and it also comes with one of the biggest airflow adjustment systems I’ve seen so far. The massive airflow is due to the fact that this cloud beast is designed to work at very high wattages and because the way it was designed it delivers a mild and cool vape even at 120 – 140W.

This beast of a tanks is clearly intended for all those cloud chasers out there who want to fill up their room with vapor in a couple of seconds and believe me it does a great job at it. You will need a powerful mod for this bad boy like the IPV5, the H-Priv or the iStick 200W to feel the full extent of its might but if you’re a fan of massive clouds then the experience is sure worth it. The V8-T8 coil can go up to 180W (I’ve even tested it on 200W) and it still wicks properly but the vapor tends to get a lot hotter after 160W (which personally I don’t really enjoy).Smok TFV8 silver and coils

The RBA base on the Smok TFV8 is great to be used between 60-100W with the pre-built Clapton coils and they should last for at least a couple of months with constant re-wicking and dry burning. It did leak on me two times but I guess I didn’t use as much cotton as I should have (no problems with the pre-built coils however).

In terms of performance the Smok TFV8 clearly deserves the Cloud Beast reputation because it describes it just perfectly. Smooth, delicious clouds of vapor that are surprisingly cool considering the wattages and a very clean flavor. It does go through e-liquid like a warm knife through butter and it’s the kind of tank you will need to refill constantly. I would recommend 120ml bottles (I’ve used My Man from One Hit Wonder) and a mod that can reach at least 120W for one of the greatest sub ohm experiences on a tank.