How to refill an e-cigarette with e-liquid

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With so many e-cigarette brands on the market it’s sometimes hard to pick a starter kit that would suit all of your needs and you have probably heard about cartomizers, tanks and users complaining about the difficulties they encountered when refilling their ecigs with fresh e-liquid.

cartomizer tank dissembled To make things simpler for you, let’s explain how it’s done and you will soon understand that there is nothing complicated about this process once you get the hang of it. First of all, if you use disposable ecigarettes you should know that these devices cannot be refilled with e-juice or recharged; therefore you need to toss them after they become obsolete.

Refilling blank cartomizers

If you are using a starter kit with cartomizers then there are a few things you need to consider. Cartomizers or “carts”/”cartos” come either prefilled with juice or blank. Most people use these until they run out of juice and then toss them aside. Others like to refill them until they start to taste funny. If your brand offers the option of “blank” cartomizers then you should know that these come empty and you need to refill them yourself with e-liquid. To refill an e-cigarette with cartomizer you must follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, remove the cartomizer from the battery. Then use a thumbtack to carefully remove the small white disc by sticking the tack into the small hole and pulling out to one side.
  • Then you need to hold the cartomizer at a 45-degree angle, with the battery attachment end facing down. Drip around 4-5 eliquid drops into inside wall of cartomizer, rotating it after each drip to get an even fill. Repeat the process after all the juice is soaked into white filling. The cartomizers are fully refilled after a total of 20–30 drops.
  • At last, replace the small white disk onto the cartomizer and set it on an even surface for at least 10 minutes.  The Cartomizer is now ready to be attached to the battery for vaping. If some e-liquid comes out while vaping, it means that the carto was overfilled. Remove it from the battery and blow excess juice through the bottom onto a paper towel and then re-attach it to the battery and enjoy our vaping.

If you are using a tank e-cigarette then you should know that these come in a few different sizes and hold e-liquid in a cartomizer surrounded by an acrylic or glass tube. Because of this, they hold more juice than a single cartomizer. Another cool feature is that it’s easy to see when you need to refill it, since the tank is clear. Tanks always come empty and must be filled with e-liquid before use. To fill up your tank with e-juice you must follow these simple steps:

  • First you need to pull the cartomizer through the bottom of the tank for about 1/2 inch. If done correctly, you should see a small gap between the top and the clear acrylic side of the tank.
  • Then you should tilt the tank slightly and fill directly into the cartomizer until it overflows. Continue the operation until you completely fill the tank surrounding the cartomizer.
  • After filling, push the cartomizer back up inside the tank. Put your drip tip onto the cartomizer and start vaping. When the space between the cartomizer and the wall of the tank is dry, it’s time to refill the tank again.

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