How to use a portable weed vaporizer - the basics of your dry herb vape

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How to use a portable weed vaporizer might seem like a no-brainer for people already familiar with vaping dry herb. However, there are still users out there who don’t get the most out of their device because they neglect several important factors. These may vary from setting the correct vaporizing temperature, using the right type of grinder to not stirring the dry herb inside the oven for uniform heating.

As soon as you understand how a marijuana vaporizer works you will enjoy a richer and more flavorful dry herb experience. You will also get familiarized with the differences between herb vaporizers and which one will better suit your needs. But before we dive in deeper into the subject, lets start with the some basics:

What is a dry herb vape anyway?

A portable dry herb vaporizer is battery operated device used to vaporize weed. Since there is no combustion necessary for vaporization the user benefits only from the active ingredients in the plant - like THC, CBD and terpenes - without any smoke, tar or ash. This makes vaporization superior to smoking not only in terms of the substances that are inhaled but also in terms of flavor.

Weed vaporizers explained part by part

The main parts of a weed vaporizer are the body - which includes the battery - the oven, and the mouthpiece.

The body varies in shape and size from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Ultra portable vaporizers for dry herb will easily fit inside any pocket while bulkier devices are more intended for home use and shared sessions.

weed vaporizers explained

The battery is either built-in or removable and it usually ranges between 1000 - 3000mAh. Generally the bigger the battery the more sessions you will enjoy on a single charge but it mostly depends on the type of product.

Convection vaporizers will have a shorter battery span while conduction devices can handle up to 8 sessions. Sometimes even more than that considering you don’t vape a very high temperature.

The type of vaporizer oven ranges from ceramic and stainless steel to aluminum and sometimes even glass. There are pros and cons for each of these materials, however this doesn't play such an important role in the overall level of vapor quality.

When it comes to mouthpieces glass will ultimately give better flavor and help cool down the vapor a bit. If your vaporizer comes with plastic and glass mouthpieces we definitely recommend giving the glass one a try. However, there are still countless dry herb vapes on the market with plastic or rubberized plastic mouthpieces which give excellent vapor and flavor.

How to use your portable marijuana vaporizer

The first thing you need to do is make sure your device is fully charged. It can take anywhere from 2 - 4h for the battery to reach 100% so make sure you leave it plugged in until the process is completed.

Next you need to grind your material and here is where things can get a bit tricky. The type of grind required for best results varies from a conduction vaporizer to a convection vaporizer.

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Conduction vaporizers work best with finer grinds. This is because they need to be packed tightly for best vapor production and flavor. You also need to stir inside the chamber from time to time just to get everything homogenized.

Convection vaporizers work better with medium grinds. These devices don’t need to be packed as tightly since air won’t be able to pass that well through the material. They also don’t require any stirring and will give much better vapor and flavor when compared to their conduction counterparts.

They key here is having a good weed grinder which gives more control over the coarseness and will provide you with predictable results every time.

The final step is filling up the oven with the botanical and selecting a temperature or turning the device on. Herb vaporizers will usually notify you when they have reached vaping temperature and everything is ready for use.

Recommended weed vaporizer temperatures

weed vaporizer temperature

The temperature you select is directly link to the desired effect you want from the cannabis plant. Most users vape at 395F/200C, which is the sweet spot for both THC and CBD absorption. The vapor is not too hot and you get the most of both worlds - terpenes and cannabinoids.

A lower temperature like 325F/160C will give you cleaner flavor with just the right undertones. Here the vapor is not as harsh and it's the ideal starting point for most beginners.

Temperatures higher than 395F/200C will produce much warmer, harsher vapor but with maximum cannabinoid extraction

All that remains is for you to enjoy a rich and flavor experience with each pull.

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