MigVapor MIGI 3 oil cartridge vaporizer review - stealthy 510 oils mod

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MigVapor MIGI 3 oil cartridge vaporizer

Pre-filled oil cartridges are becoming more in more popular, especially in some US states. The MigVapor MIGI 3 vaporizer offers a unique alternative to standard 510 batteries and it is super stealthy. This tiny device is easily concealed in the palm of your hand and has excellent autonomy. It's perfect for all types of oil cartridges, regardless is we're talking about 0.5g or 1.0g variants.

8 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Good battery life


Compatible with all types of pre-filled or refillable cartridges


No collar ring to protect the cartridge

Build quality could be better

MIGI 3: Packaging and available colors

You will get the MigVapor MIGI 3 oil cartridge vaporizer inside a rectangular cardboard box. With the device you also find a standard micro-USB charging cable as well as the instructions. It doesn't come with any oil cartridge inside the box so you will need to purchase these separately.

Mig Vapor offers the option of getting their refillable 510 Canna Blast tank at a small discount when ordering the MIGI 3. It's a product we definitely recommend due to the ceramic heating element and overall vapor production. If you want to use pre-filled oils cartridges then you're options are unlimited since the tiny mod is compatible with all the industry standards.

Available colors are: Purple, Red, Black & White and Black.

An oils vaporizer with the most interesting design

The MigVapor MIGI 3 doesn't look like any of the vaporizers for oils we've tested so far. It works the same as a SteamCloud mini oils vaporizer but looks more like a Tesla Stealth mod for e-liquids. The 510 connector is recessed and this makes the device incredibly stealthy. When you're using it with smaller 0.5g cartridges you will only see the mouthpiece. In addition the vaporizer is pocket friendly and very easy to use.

MigVapor MIGI 3 colors

It features single button operation and the battery packs a strong punch. This is rated for 500mAh and you can recharge it from your laptop in less than one hour. To turn the device on or off you simply need to press on the button for five consecutive times. An LED notification light will let you know that everything is up and running.

The great thing about the Mig Vapor MIGI 3 temp oil conceal is that it's compatible with all types of 510 cartridges. This includes all the pre-filled as well as the refillable variants. Also the 3.7V output is more than enough for consistent vapor production without damaging the atomizer.

The Canna Blast refillable oils tank

With the MIGI 3 mod you have the option of buying the Canna Blast oils tank at a discount. This 510 threaded recipient for oils is made from stainless steel and glass and comes with a top quality ceramic coil. Since the device doesn't include any cartridges this is a great option if you plan on refilling it yourself.

The 1.2 Ohm resistance is perfect for thick oils like CBD and vapor production is incredible. You can refill it multiple times and save a lot of money on the long term.

Performance and final words on the MIGI 3 vaporizer

The MigVapor MIGI 3 oil cartridge vaporizer is a stealthy and easy to use device aimed at beginners and intermediate users. It's compatible with the wide majority of refillable or pre-filled oils cartridges on the market and delivers a steady output. This device is pocket friendly, light and ultra-portable.

Unfortunately it doesn't have a collar at the top section to protect the cartridge. This makes it prone to small bends, especially if you keep it inside your pocket with the tank attached. The build quality is also not the best out there, but for this prince range it's pretty decent.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Great
Brand:Mig vapor
Built Material:Metal (general)
Color:Black, White, Red, Purple
Device Size:Compact
Heat up time:Instant
Production year:2017
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Migvapor Migi 3 Oil Cartridge Vaporizer

8 Overall score
80 Score
Price 80
90 Score
Battery Life 90
70 Score
Aestetics 70
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
70 Score
Build quality 70

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