MigVapor Keymaker review - ultra portable concentrates vaporizer pen

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MigVapor Keymaker

The MigVapor Keymaker is an ultra-portable personal mini concentrates pen. It features two types of coils as well as a powerful internal battery. This device offers an incredible wax / concentrates experience on-the-go and it's perfect for beginners and intermediate users. It also one of the most affordable wax pens in this category and a product we sincerely recommend.

8.2 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Fast heat up times

Two types of coils

Fast recharge

Ultra portable


Battery life is average

Build quality could be better

Keymaker packaging, contents and available colors

The MigVapor Keymaker feels like a premium product and its packaging is the first thing that will surprise you. The device comes inside a high quality white and green cardboard gift box with magnetic flip top. With the pen you also get an extra coil, a retractable USB charger, a silicone container, a dab tool, 4 silicone mouthpieces as well as the user manual.

You can buy the device in Silver or Black. Mig Vapor also used to have a green version of the product, but unfortunately it's no longer available.

Design and main features of the Keymaker concentrates pen

MigVapor Keymaker concentrates pen is lightweight, ultra-portable and easy to use. It measures 114mm in height and has a diameter of only 19mm. It's pocket friendly and features single button operation. The mouthpiece, top cap and coils are fully detachable and the micro-USB slot is located on the base.

Mig Vapor Keymaker colors

This tiny wax pen is powered by a non-removable 360mAh battery. And while it's not the best in its class it gets the job flawlessly. It takes somewhere between 2 – 3 seconds for the Keymaker to reach optimum vaping temperature and it delivers some pretty impressive clouds. The internal board regulates the power for a full wattage output without restrictions. In addition the battery gets fully charged in less than 1h for maximum convenience.

The Mig Vapor Keymaker wax vaporizer has a single temperature preset of 455 degrees Fahrenheit. This is excellent for all types of solid concentrates and ensures quick vaporization. Five clicks turn the device on or off and we recommend turning it off after each session.

Ceramic coils vs quartz coils

The Keymaker wax pen comes with two types of coils out of the box. The ceramic coils take a bit longer to reach maximum temperature but offer better heat retention. They deliver smoother vapor and are particularly good for low temp dabs.

Quartz coils on the other hand heat up in literally seconds. They provide a much purer flavor but the vapor can get harsh at times. The other downside is that quartz offers minimum heat retention and therefore it's going to drain the battery much faster. When using these coils you will need to keep the fire button pressed for longer periods.

The lifespan of these coils is generally for a couple of weeks, but it all depends on how often you use them. We recommend buying extra when you order the pen to save on shipping. Mig Vapor sells the coils for around $10 and these are always handy to have around.

Performance and overall thoughts on the Keymaker vape

MigVapor Keymaker is an excellent on-the-go pen for waxes and concentrates. There are two types of coils to choose from and battery life is really impressive for a vape this small. It's pocket friendly, light and portable. In addition it's very intuitive to use and delivers a great overall experience.

We prefer the ceramic coils over the quartz rods because they offer smoother vapor and retain the heat a bit better. The build quality is not the best we've seen but in this price range you can't really complain.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Average
Brand:Mig vapor
Built Material:Metal (general)
Chamber type:Ceramic
Charge duration:Under 1 hour
Color:Black, Silver
Device Size:Pocket size
Heat up time:Instant
Heating source:Battery
Production year:2016
Temperature settings:Fixed temperature
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Migvapor Keymaker

8.2 Overall score
90 Score
Price 90
70 Score
Battery Life 70
80 Score
Aestetics 80
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
80 Score
Build quality 80

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