Our Review On The Lost Vape Esquare

I have always admired the DNA 40 and I finally got the chance to test one of the most beautiful box mods to feature this lovely board. The Lost Vape Esquare is probably one of the coolest looking devices I have ever reviewed and I like everything about it – from the quality of materials to the square form factor. And yes, I know it’s kind of a pricy mod considering the $160 tag but it’s something for all you collectors and vaping enthusiasts out there to enjoy.

Lost Vape Esquare purpleAnd as you probably know the DNA 40 is one of the most accurate temperature control boards on the market today and if you pair it with dual 18650 batteries you get a true heavy duty locomotive that can puff out clouds with both power and style. The mod also comes in a variety of colors that can appeal to both genders and all tastes and it also features a chic carbon fiber finish.

But let me tell you first about the packaging and what you’re going to get inside the box. So the Lost Vape Esquare comes in a fully transparent acrylic presentation package and once you open it you are going to notice the mod itself, the user’s manual, some battery stickers and a retractable micro-USB charging cord. Immediately after taking the mod into your hands you’ll notice the build quality and the solid metallic construction. Everything fits in place perfectly and there’s absolutely no rattle. The buttons are made from stainless steel and are custom milled and the faceplates are carbon fiber. The body is made from high quality T6 aluminum which has been bead blasted on the exterior and anodized with a high gloss finish.

On the top of the mod we can notice the 510 connector that comes with a spring loaded, gold plated, brass center pin for high electrical conductivity and a flush mount with many of today’s tanks and atomizers. On the side we do get the round firing button, and the two adjustment buttons which are slightly protruding. We also see the micro-USB charging port and a LED notification light right next to it. One the right faceplate there’s the generous OLED display, which is basically the same one as in the case of other DNA 40 style devices.

The Lost Vape Esquare is powered by two 18650 batteries and to mount them you will need to slide open the back plate which is held in place Lost Vape Esquare with RDAby two small ball bearings that connect to the two round cutouts on the door. Sliding the cover is easy and smooth and the whole thing fits in place flawlessly. But removing the batteries from their slots can be quite tricky, so this is why we get the stickers. You can wrap a sticker around each one of the batteries and make sure it overlaps so that you get something to pull from when you want to take it out. A fabric band inside the battery compartment would have been a more elegant solution in my opinion, but this also does the trick.  One thing to remember is that the mod uses dual parallel batteries so you will need to mount them exactly as indicated in the user’s manual and  inside the compartment (both positives in the same direction).

The Lost Vape Esquare is a variable wattage device and it can go from 1.0 to 40.0W quite easily. And while it may not be as powerful as other mods on the market, it does an amazing job at producing thick, delicious clouds of vapor without struggling too hard. It also has built in temperature control that works like a charm with any Nickel build that’s bigger than 0.1 Ohms. If you prefer Kanthal then it goes as low as 0.16 Ohms so that’s also impressive.

Lost Vape Esquare carbon fiberTemperature control mode works between 200F to 600 F and you can also lock the resistance for Ni200 coils. The DNA 40 is renowned for doing an excellent job at protecting the cotton from the high temperatures and it’s one of the most responsive to date.

Vaping on the Esquare is a pleasure and everyone at the office struggled to get their hands on the sexy mod even four a couple of minutes. The flavor is incredible and the vapor is so good, despite the 40W limit. This is clearly one of the greatest mods of 2015 and also a thing of beauty that deserves your complete attention.