Choosing the right pen to vape oils - 3 Tips for purchasing the proper oil vape

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When it comes to choosing the right pen to vape oils things can get a bit tricky. The market is flooded with with a variety of devices and it’s really hard to set your mind on a particular product. All of them have their pros and cons but we are going to help you purchase the right oil vape pen for your needs.

What are vape oils and which oils are safe to vape

Vape oils are viscous liquids extracted from plants. The methods of extraction involve using pressurized CO2 as a solvent or cold pressing the plant, flower or seeds. The end result is a full spectrum oil, which includes the terpenes and all other naturally occurring substances.

There are two main types of oils which are generally considered safe to vape: CBD oil and Cannabis oil. These should not be confused with CBD vape juices, which are made from powdered isolate and dissolved in thinners like Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

There are however some concerns when it comes to vaping oils. One of them is in regard with the so called cuticle waxes present in these substances and the other is about the solvents used to reduce viscosity. These might have negative effects on the lungs during long term use and it’s something you should be aware of. At the moment there is no solid evidence to backup these claims, but we recommend doing thorough research before using any type of vape oil.

Essential oils on the other hand - like lavender or peppermint - are not safe for vaping. These are great for aromatherapy but were never intended to be used inside your vape pen.

CBD oil vs Cannabis oil vs hemp oil

CBD oil has naturally occurring terpenes, Cannabinoids, and flavonoids and is generally exacted from industrial hemp plants (Cannabis Sativa) by using the CO2 method. The substance - while rich in CBD - doesn’t contain any traces of THC. This is why it’s legal in all 50 States and will not get you high.

Cannabis oil or Marijuana oil on the other hand is extracted from the Marijuana plant. This is slightly different from industrial hemp, despite being part of the same family. Cannabis oil contains high amounts of THC - the main cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive effects. The oil will also contain CBD and other flavonoids, terpenes and phyto-compounds.

hemp oil vape

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant using the cold press method. While rich in fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 and nutrients, this oil does not contain any traces of CBD or THC. We wouldn't recommend vaping it, since it doesn't have any cannabinoids and it’s very similar to oilve oil or coconut oil.

3 tips for purchasing the right oil vape

When it comes to vape oils, we have two main categories: thin oils - perfect for cartridge style pens and thicker oils - perfect for chamber style vaporizers. You will usually get thinner oils like CBD based products in bottles or cartridges and thicker oils inside disposable syringes.

1. Get a small pen vape or a pod system if you are a beginner and mostly use thin oils

oils vape pen

Vape pens for oils are extremely popular these days. These devices are very simple to use and to refill and they are stealthy. They work perfectly with thin oils and the temperature is just right to get the most out of your favorite cannabinoids.

Pod systems for oils are also super stealthy and fun to use, however they are a bit tricky to refill. Despite having a lower viscosity, most cannabis or full spectrum CBD oils are still thicker than standard e-liquids and difficult to squeeze through tiny fill ports.

2. Consider a CBD cartridges vaporizer

oils cartridge vape

Most full spectrum CBD oils come inside tiny cartridges that have a standard 510 connector at the bottom. If you use these regularly we recommend getting rechargeable vape pen battery or a Cannabis cartridges vaporizer instead. These devices are engineered to give the best results and deliver the optimal vape temperature.

3. Get a good quality vaporizer pen kit for thicker oils

oils and concentrates pen

If you like thicker Marijuana vape oils then a multi-functioning weed pen kit might be the perfect solution for you. These devices come with either a ceramic or quartz chamber, powerful coils and at least three temperature presets.Also their batteries are powerful enough to last for at least a couple of sessions on a single charge.

Best thing about this is that you can also use them with waxes and concentrates, which is clearly not the case with standard oil pens. All in all they are extremely versatile, easy to use and easy to clean.

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