About cartomizers and using the ‘condom’ method to fill them up with e-juice

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Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more advanced and according to recent studies, many vapers switch from their classic models to bigger and more powerful Advanced Personal Vaporizers (AVPs) or Mechanical Mods. We are going to talk a bit today about one of the ways of setting up your new equipment and enjoy your thick clouds of vapor.

ecig condomsAfter purchasing your first AVP or Mod, you will probably notice that it comes with or requires some additional accessories. Besides the vaporizer itself, which is that metal tube, you also need a high performance (IMR or protected) battery, a drip tip, a battery charger and a tank. Now some tanks come with a rebuildable atomizer while others come with a cartomizer. Atomizers are able to deliver amazing flavor, and massive vapor, but because of convenience, most vapers use cartomizers. The difference between the two is mainly, that a cartomizer has a wicking material in it, so it can hold much more liquid, which translates in ‘topping off’ far less frequent.

Cartomizers can be purchased in a variety of electrical resistances and which one is best for you depends on what type of device you will be using it with. If you have a vaporizer that runs at 3.7volts, the best choice is to choose a low resistance model having 1.7Ohms. If your device has a variable voltage setting, and you can adjust the voltage between to limits, it is a good idea to use a cartomizer anywhere from 2.5 to 3.0Ohms. Higher resistance cartomizers will protect you from accidentally burning the wicking material if you accidentally turn up your variable voltage device too high.

These cartomizers arrive sealed in cellophane and have two silicone covers for each end. These covers are also referred to as ‘condoms’ and usually there’s a big one and a small one. Besides being used to seal the cartomizer up once it is loaded but not in use, condoms are also used to fill a cartomizer. For this process you need to unwrap the carto, remove the condoms and set them aside. Pick the bigger one and fill about three quarters of it with e-liquid. Be careful to remove the small, rubbery, white soft tip from the end of the carto and set it aside. After that insert the threaded end of the cartomizer (the one that screws into your AVP or Mod) into the condom slowly until you see some e-liquid reaching the surface. Be careful not to go all the way. Now wait for a bit then start pressing gently on the silicone condom while the e-liquid gets absorbed into the wicking. Use a tissue and clean the cartomizer after removing the condom from it. Last, you will need to clear the hole that allows for airflow. This is accomplished by blowing the carto out into a tissue.

Now your cartomizer is freshly loaded and ready to use so just screw it into the AVP and enjoy your vaping.

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