5 Simple steps to set up your RDA for Vaping Big Clouds - get more from your vape

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Rebuildable dripping atomizers usually deliver the best vapor, however not everyone knows how to set their RDA for vaping big clouds. Things like improper wicking, poor coil placement or bad airflow adjustment can make you miss out on a great overall experience. This is why we've compiled these five simple steps to help you set up your vape like pros do:

Not all RDAs are created equal so pick the one that best suits your needs

If you’re on the market for a new RDA, you are probably having difficulties in setting you mind on a particular model. There are dozens of great performing rebuildable dripping atomizers out there, but they are not intended for the same category of vapers.

symmetrical RDA

Presuming you are beginner, you should go for the one that’s the easiest to build on. What we mean by that is an RDA with symmetrical posts and symmetrical holes for the leads. These devices have come a long way in the last few years and the number of build deck designs is incredibly diverse. Make sure you can visually imagine how the coils and cotton go in so you will know what to expect.

It’s also probably not a good idea to spend more than $50 on a device you’re not still sure you will enjoy. You can get very good RDAs nowadays for less than that so we recommend not going over budget.

It’s important to get the right type of coils

Very few beginners makes their own coils. Now you can just get the pre-made versions for a very small price. This way you will know for sure they are have the same resistance and will glow uniformly when placed in dual coil configuration.

However, some vape coils - like the Twisted - tend to produce popping and spitback more than standard micro-coils or Claptons. This will definitely not account for a great first experience so start with two basic coils first and work your way from there.

Make sure your coils are symmetrically placed and glow uniformly

This is one of the most important steps when setting your RDA. You need to make sure that the coils are perfectly symmetrical with respect to the center of the deck. Also it’s important to cut the leads at the same distance and make sure they glow evenly and simultaneously when dry firing the mod.

glowing coils RDA

If you notice that one of the coils turns red while the other is barely orange, you will need to make further adjustments. Use a pair of ceramic tweezers to squeeze the coil or to scratch its surface. The same surface scratching procedure is used when you notice hot spots on one of the coils.

RDA cotton is something you don’t want to overlook

How you set your wicks can have a dramatic impact on vapor production, spitback and overall experience. Even if you have the best RDA vape you can still end up with e-liquid in your mouth and mediocre vapor production if you neglect your cotton.

It’s important that you use enough wicking material so that the coils get fully stuffed. What we mean by that is to cut the cotton thick enough that it barely passes through the coils when pulled. Just be careful not to use too much since that might cause you to bend the coils.

Pay close attention to the airflow slots

Not setting the airflow correctly is one of the biggest mistakes beginners make with an RDA. These slots need to be perfectly aligned with coils so that air hits the cotton perpendicularly. On some RDA models you will need to twist the barrel, the top cap or both until these slots come into position.

improperly aligned airflow slots on RDA

Aligned airflow will give you great flavor and much more vapor. Now whether to let the slots wide open or half covered is a totally different story. In the end it all depends on personal preference. Tighter airflow will give more intense flavor but warmer vapor, while keeping the holes wide open will ensure more and cooler vapor, but at a small expense in flavor.

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