13 Legal aromatic dry herbs for vaping - spice up your personal vaporizer with 13 legal plants

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Cannabis is probably one of the most popular dry herbs for vaping. This is mostly due to the plants benefits and side-effects, however weed is not the only thing you can stuff inside your vaporizer. We are going to show you 13 more aromatic herbs that are great for vaping and also for aromatherapy. These are all legal dry herbs you can get in most parts of the world. Most of them are commonly used for teas or as spices and will definitely spice-up your vape experience.

Vaping legal dry herbs

As long as the herbs are dry and you grind them in the same manner as weed, you can use them inside any type of vaporizer. Regardless if your device uses convection or conduction heating, aromatic herbs are great for vaping, as long as you use the right temperature.

Therefore if you plan of using legal herbs it’s probably a good idea to have a good herb vaporizer with adjustable temperature. Temperature presets also work, but you will need to know these temperatures and which settings to use for different plants.

13 aromatic herbs great for vaping

We are sure you already know some of these plants for their relaxing effects on the body and mind, but others may surprise you. Here is the full list of aromatic herbs great for vaping and the ideal temperature to use for maximum benefits:


Chamomile has been known for its relaxing properties since ancient times. This plant is great for aromatherapy and also works with your herbal vaporizer. It has excellent anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic effects and will give best results when vaped at 190C/374F or lower.

vaping legal herbs


Thyme is mainly used in food dishes for its distinctive flavor, but it is also great for aromatherapy. The plant is believed to have antiseptic and expectorant properties and has been used to treat chest colds. It has a pretty strong taste at high temperatures so make sure you don’t exceed 150C/302F.


Basil is another Mediterranean plant used in various food dishes, especially in Italian ones. It is believed to relief indigestion and constipation and it can also prevent feelings anxiety or depression. It also has antiseptic properties and it gives the best results when vaped at 130C/266F.


Eucalyptus is an Australian herb with very powerful antibacterial properties. It is a well known stress reliever and has been used to treat colds and infections for hundreds of years. Vaping temperature is the same as Basil - 130C/266F - however we recommend starting a bit lower because the taste is pretty strong.


Lavender is probably the queen of aromatherapy plants. This herb smells fabulous and is known for its relaxing effects. It can offer minor pain relief and help with insomnia in some cases. Best vaping temperature for Lavender is around 130C/266F, just make sure to take slow pulls as it can become overwhelming.


Damian is a plant native to Central America that has deeply relaxing properties. It can help with anxiety and depression and may also have some aphrodisiac effects. Typically consumed in tea form, this herb is also great when vaporized. The ideal temperature is just under 190C/374F.


Peppermint is hands down the most popular aromatic plant from this list and it probably comes as no surprise that you can also vape it. It has relaxing effects and it is a natural bacteria inhibitor. The ideal temperature to set your device to is 160C/320F.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm or Melissa is also a minty herb with various relaxing properties. It will relax the nervous system and promote sleep, especially when mixed with other aromatic plants like chamomile and lavender. Best temperature setting is around 140C/284F.

vaping aromatic plants


Hops is mostly associated with the beer industry, however the plant can have some pretty interesting properties when vaporized. It can induce mild euphoria and can also make you slightly drowsy. It’s best vaped at 175C/374F, but you can go even higher than that. Just don’t take long pulls as the taste might be a bit overwhelming.

Green Tea

Green tea is a traditional herb associated with China and India and many other parts of Asia. It contains caffeine, which is a stimulant and will provide a burst of energy. Recommended vaping temperature for green tea is 185C/365F.


Rosemary is another cuisine herb that can be vaped. Mainly used as a natural relief for aches, coughs and colds, the plant also has relaxing properties and a very nice aroma. It should be heated up to 125C/257F for best results. Just make sure you don’t go over this temperature as its prone to combustion.


Valerian root has been used since ancient times to treat sleeping disorders and you can also use it with your portable vaporizer. It has mild sedative effects and can also help with anxiety. Best temperature for this plant is 190C/374F.


Catnip is probably the last herb you expected to find on this list, since it’s usually associated with cats. It clearly doesn't have the same effects in humans and it helps reduce anxiety. The plant has also been associated with mild euphoria and vaping temperatures range between 125C/257F to 150C/302F.

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