Vaporfi Venom RDA

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Vaporfi Venom RDA
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I've tested two of Vaporfi's rebuildable dripping atomizers in the past, the Bolt being one of my favorites so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got their latest RDA in my mailbox last week. And this time we're not talking about your standard old school design but rather something built to match today's high wattage vaping needs with a twist.

Vaporfi Venom RDAThe Vaporfi Venom RDA comes packed in a white and green box and inside you will find the atomizer itself, a regular stainless steel drip tip, a wide bore Delrin drip tip, four spare post screws, nine spare O-rings and a small Allen key. The device is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and it feels very durable and well built. You can get it in black or grey, and the incredible thing about this cloud chasing bad boy is that it changes its color as you reach 80W. Yes, you read correctly, the paint on it has some sort of temperature sensing properties and once you reach a certain value it turns into pale white with the Vaporfi logo appearing in the middle (just like in the case of those mugs that change color as you pour hot coffee into them).

The atty is made of three individual parts (the deck, the barrel and the top cap) plus the 510 adapter and the stainless steel drip tip or just the Delrin wide bore drip tip without the adapter (competition style). It measures 22mm in diameter so it's going to be compatible with a wide variety of box and tubular mods and the thing I love the most about this Vaporfi Venom RDA is the fact that it comes with a Velocity style deck. The two parallel posts are fitted with two generous holes each and you're able to fit in there even some twisted or Clapton builds.

The juice well is quite generous and the airflow channels are positioned just under the coils, in an improved Kennedy-style layout (with three slots under each coil). The adjustable airflow mechanism is positioned on the top of the Vaporfi Venom RDA and you can easily open it or close it by twisting the top cap. This is quite the airy atomizer and it certainly needs to be as it's built to deliver an awesome experience above 60W. When you use the Delrin chuff cap and open the airflow slots to the max this bad boy can chuck out clouds like a locomotive and it's ideal of all you amateur cloud chasers out there.Vaporfi Venom RDA deck

You can use it with regular Kanthal wire and stainless steel so it's also able to work with temperature control mods for a dry hit free experience. The minimum resistance on this particular rebuildable dripping atomizer is 0.1 Ohms and I don't recommend building lower than this as it might affect the post insulator.

In terms of performance, the Vaporfi Venom RDA is very versatile. You can use it in single coil mode at around 0.5 Ohms for e-liquid sampling and a moderate vapor production or you can set up a dual Clapton build on it at around 0.15 Ohms to fog up the room in a matter of seconds. Flavor is really good (reminds me of the Tsunami) and it's probably the best atomizer to test Vaporfi's latest e-juice called Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream.

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80 Score
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80 Score
Vapor Production 80
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Price 80
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Overall quality 80

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