Yihi SX Mini G Class 200W TC full review

Yihi SX Mini G Class 200W TC

As you may have guessed it, we are big fans of Yihi products, and for good reason. The SX Mini Q Class and the SX Mini Q mini are still two of our favorite mods to date. They are exceptionally well built and they perform flawlessly every time. Only con we had was using them with bigger atomizers.


Yihi SX Mini G ClassWell, today we have a brand new mod from the same family and this time you’d better get your 30mm RDA ready for action. The SX Mini G Class 200W TC is the latest release from the famous Chinese manufacturer and it looks incredible. A relatively small dual 18650 200W mod with a centered 510 connector, Bluetooth and its own dedicated smartphone app.

It is available in three different colors options and finishes and you can choose between brown or black leather or even carbon fiber. The design is gorgeous and the big colored OLED display makes all the difference. It has a reasonable amount of weight to it with both battery plugged in and it’s an absolute pleasure to hold and use.


Yihi SX Mini G Class light up logoOn the top side of the SX Mini G Class 200W TC we have a 30mm stainless steel 510 connector with spring loaded center pin. On the front of the mod there’s hexagonal fire button, the display, the joystick and a USB type-C plug. The batter door is also spring loaded and it has a slide and unlock mechanism.

There are a couple of novelty elements when comparing the SX Mini G Class 200W TC with its predecessor. The first one is the generous OLED display that’s colored and has the option to change wallpapers. This gives detailed information about current power, joules, temperature, type of coil, resistance, as well as real-time readings from both batteries. It’s a nice touch for the SX series and it makes the mod look classy.


Second we have the all new USB type-C connector which enables 2Amp charging and no more trouble figuring out the proper way to plug it in. Considering the SX Mini G Class 200W TC has built in balanced charging, you can use this device without the need for an external charger.

Another unique design feature is the joystick, which requires a bit of a learning curve to get used to. It does protrude quite a bit and we definitely recommend reading the manual before getting stuck in the menu because of it. However, once you learn the way to slide in and out of settings, everything starts to feel natural and intuitive.


As we mentioned earlier, the SX Mini G Class 200W TC comes with Bluetooth and a smartphone app that’s only available for iOS for the moment. You can use the app to make power adjustments, edit settings and change the display layout. The new device also features a light-up “SX Mini” logo each time you press the fire button to take a puff.  Yihi SX Mini G Class battery door

Temperature control works with Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and TCR and you can adjust it between 212° F – 572° F.  Resistance range is 0.15 – 3.0 Ohms for power mode and 0.05 – 0.3 Ohms for TC mode. Maximum current for the SX550J chipset, powering this mod is 50A.


In terms of performance the SX Mini G Class 200W TC has few rivals on the market today. It hits hard, it is very accurate and battery life is incredible. Even with the big OLED display, SX Mini LED indicator and Bluetooth on it still does a remarkable job. Also temperature control works like a charm and we mostly used it with SS 316L coils.

However, it’s not a device aimed at beginners. You clearly need to know your way around complicated menus, understand lots of tech features and know a thing or two about watts, amps, joules and Ohms to master everything on this bad boy. But, the overall experience is definitely worth it.