Vaporesso Tarot Pro review by Ecig Guide

Vaporesso Tarot Pro

We all love our Claptons but the ramp up time can sometimes be a real issues, especially if you like building low. Mods like the Sigelei 213 come with a pre-heat function that pumps more watts into the coils for a couple of seconds but a few days ago I stumbled upon something completely different. It’s called the Vaporesso Tarot Pro and not only does it look chic, but also comes with new OMNI Board. This allows the user to customize the watts curve or the temperature curve for each second of vaping.


Vaporesso Tarot Pro box contentsThe Vaporesso Tarot Pro comes packed in a lovely black gift box and inside you will find the device itself, the user manual and a very durable micro-USB cable. As a matter of fact this has to be one of the best I’ve seen so far – however it’s only intended for firmware upgrades. I always recommend charging the batteries externally, especially with dual 18650 devices.


This mod is available in three different color schemes, however for me Yellow is top of the line. The finish is glossy, feels durable and despite the size it allows for a very comfortable grip. On the top there’s a spring loaded 510 connector and going down the main side we have the fire button, the display and the adjustment buttons. The battery panel is magnetic and it’s held in place without any rattle. The micro USB slot is placed on the other side and we also see some venting holes on the bottom.


Vaporesso Tarot Pro front viewThe Vaporesso Tarot Pro is a variable wattage device that also does temperature control and it’s able to output a maximum of 160W. TC has predefined settings for SS, Ni, and Ti but there are also three different TCR modes for other materials. You can also use this device in Bypass mode where it automatically adjusts power according to the resistance of the coil. A novelty feature about the Tarot Pro is the fact that it will automatically compute the ideal power setting each time you mount a new atty on top. You can totally override the value, but it’s a cool touch that makes this device even more appealing.

However, the thing that makes the Vaporesso Tarot Pro rather unique is the Customized Curve of Wattage. With this feature you can customize the wattage curve second by second and tell the mod exactly how to hit the coil, depending on the way you vape. This is particularly great in case of Fused Claptons or other complex builds that require a few initial seconds of pre-heat. The feature works the same way in temperature control mode, but by adjusting the degrees instead of Watts.Vaporesso Tarot Pro battery cover

It measures 93 x 55 x 23mm so it’s pretty tall and wide in comparison to other dual 18650 mods, however it’s quite thin. This means that any atty bigger than 23 will have a bit of overhang and this is probably the only con I could find for the Tarot. It can fire down to 0.15 Ohms and the maximum output voltage is 8.5V.


Performance wise the Vaporesso Tarot Pro handles big coils and high wattages without flaw and the Customized Curve of Wattage is a big plus. Everything works perfectly, the build quality is great and it’s definitely the type of mod that can get you noticed. I really enjoyed using it and it quickly became one of my personal favorites from the last few months.