Our Review On The Tesla Nano 100W TC

Tesla Nano 100W TC

If you’ve loved the Tesla Two, a compact unregulated box mod that came with a big battery and was perfect to take with you as an all-day vape, then I bet you’ll love the brand new Tesla Nano 100W TC. It’s advertised as the world’s smallest 100W mod and it’s form factor is designed in accordance with the Golden Ratio. It’s the kind of compact device that you can put in your pocket and carry it around wherever you go, without having to worry about recharging.

TTesla Nano 100W TC redesla have teamed up with KingZone for their high quality chips and managed to release some pretty solid products in the last few months. They are slowly becoming a big name in the industry and I’m a big fan of their products for their performance and ease of use. I’ve been testing the Nano for over 5 days now and I only recharged it twice so it packs a massive battery under such a small hood.

Whats in the box?

The Tesla Nano 100W TC comes packed in a nice looking black cardboard box and inside you are going to find the mod itself, and a small manual. As in the case of the other products I’ve tested from them, the package doesn’t include a micro-USB charging cable, but it’s hard to think in this age you don’t have one already lying around the house. The mod is made from solid zinc allow and the finish is very nice, it almost looks like the paint job from a new car.

The device measures roughly 80 x 48 x 24mm, and it’s almost identical to the Tesla Two in terms of shape and volume. On the top side we have the stainless steel 510 connector with the spring loaded center pin (made from brass plated silver) and the two +/- adjustment buttons, a bit like on the XCube 2 from Smok. Going down on the main side we see the big round stainless firing button, the display and the charging port on the base. The mod is very comfortable to hold and to operate, even though it takes some time to adjust to the plus/minus buttons on the top.

Tesla Nano’s weight and power

Also, the Tesla Nano 100W TC is a bit on the heavy side and this is because it’s powered by two Tesla Nano 100W different colorsinternal Li-Pol batteries that have a total capacity of 4,500mAh. From what I read these offer a far greater stability and performance and are also safer. The battery can be completely recharged in 2.5h with a 2A adapter, so that’s pretty impressive. The device comes in four standard colors (black, grey, blue and red) and three additional golden ‘steampunk’ colors with some design patterns on the body.

The Tesla Nano 100W TC can operate in regular variable wattage mode, in Temperature Control mode (both with Nickel and Titanium) and in Bypass mode, which essentially turns the device into a mechanical mod. In temperature control mode it can go from 200 degrees Fahrenheit up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and you can adjust the temperature while the device is off, by pressing on both adjustment buttons for a few seconds. Once you mount a temperature coil on top it will detect it automatically and ask you to switch between Nickel or Titanium. Then it will ask you if it’s a new coil or an old coil, and in case of a new coil, you have to make sure it’s at room temperature while it reads its resistance.

Display and usability

Tesla Nano 100W TC all colors The display shows the remaining battery, the atomizer resistance, the Temperature (or OFF), and the current wattage. The wattage can be adjusted between 7W and 100W and the maximum output current is 24.5A. In temperature control mode you can use coils with resistances between 0.05 –  1.0 Ohm and it regular variable wattage mode you can use coils with resistances between 0.1 – 3.5 Ohms.

In terms of performance the Tesla Nano 100W TC is a great mod and it produces clouds with absolutely no effort. Temperature control mode works flawlessly with both Nickel and Titanium coils and some nice tanks to pair the mod with are the Subtank Nano (it figures), and Tesla’s very own Tornado Tank. I’ve also used it with a Goblin Mini RTA and a Lemo Drop. I like the fact that, as opposed to other mods, it’s so hard to make one of the battery indicator lines to disappear.

Overall, a great product from Tesla and definitely a best seller in this category. If you would like to know which smaller mods we rated as great devices, please make sure to check out the best mini mods section