Our Review On The Tesla Invader III 240W Mod

Tesla Invader III 240W Mod

I’m a big fan of powerful box mods to use with my RDAs and my SMOK TFV4 tank, but this is my first time testing a device that goes over the 200W limit. Meet the Tesla Invader III, a solid and incredibly well built powerhouse that can deliver a maximum of 240W and put a smile on any cloud chaser’s face.

Tesla Invader III silverIt comes packed in a black and red cardboard box and inside you will find only the device, a quality control certification and a user’s manual. It’s a very sturdy box mod made from top quality Zinc alloy and it’s powered by two 18650 high drain batteries connected in series. You have three color options to choose from – blue, black, and stainless steel – and it’s incredibly cheap if we consider the below $50 price tag.

I was very surprised with the quality of the Tesla Invader III, especially given the low price tag. To be honest I expected something average but this product is clearly premium. The materials used are top quality and the finish is exceptional. It feels sturdy, almost indestructible and the paintjob is UV craft to give it a scratch resistant, glossy coating. It measures roughly 90x50x23mm and despite its weight (200g) it’s a pleasure to hold and use. The Tesla Invader 3 is rated in our best box mods listing and is selected as one of the best compact box mods.

On the top side of the Tesla Invader III we have a perfectly machined 510 connector with a floating center pin (made from silver plated brass) and an LED notification light positioned at an angle. It doesn’t have any LCD or OLED display nor does it come with up & down adjustment buttons. It’s a very simple design that’s a bit similar to the one on the Hex Ohm. We have the round firing button located on the main side and a potentiometer for adjusting the voltage as well as venting holes for the batteries on the base.Tesla Invader III side view

The battery door is held in place by two massive magnets and they do such a great job that you won’t have any rattle with this mod. Everything fits in perfectly and, as I mentioned before, it feels very sturdy and premium. It’s powered by two high drain 18650 batteries (connected in series) and make sure you get something with at least 30A. My recommendation would be to buy similar batteries (same brand and company) and to ‘merry’ them to the device (always charge and discharge them simultaneously).

And while there are clear indicators on the inside of the battery compartment on how to position the cells, the mod also comes with a variety of safety features which include reverse battery protection, overcurrent, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection and 10s cut-off interval.

Tesla Invader III different colorsThe Tesla Invader III is clearly the kind of mod best suited to be used with all of the different types of pre-built wires we have today (Clapton, Twisted, Hive, Tiger, and Quad Twisted) as it can fire as low as 0.1 Ohms. With the voltage adjustment potentiometer you can choose how much power the box delivers and it goes from a minimum of 3.6V to a maximum of 6.6V. Depending on the type of RDA you use, it can top a maximum wattage of 240W and it has a maximum current limit of 45A. You can even exceed the 240W when using even more powerful batteries (35A models for instance), though I wouldn’t recommend it.

The LED notification light will blink each time you turn the device on or off (5 clicks) or each time there’s an error with the atomizer or the batteries. The voltage adjustment potentiometer has five intervals (I – V) but there are no indicators about the actual values, just a diagram. You can twist the knob with a flat head screwdriver and it increases or decreases the power accordingly.

In terms of performance, this mod is an absolute beast and I do recommend pairing it with an RDA or a high power tank for the most incredible clouds you’ve ever witnessed. However you can also use it with any tank or RTA and know there’s some extra power always available if you ever decide to buy a new atomizer. The build quality is exceptional, the functionality is simple and flawless and everything about this mod is top notch. However, as a side note, you will also need an external charger (besides the batteries) with the Tesla Invader III because there’s no micro-USB cable or charging port.

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