Our Review On The Tesla 200W TC

Tesla 200W TC

This Chinese company is probably one of the most innovative when it comes to reasonably priced products and in the last year they have really surprised us with a variety of mods from e-Go style batteries to impressive box mods and tanks. And if you thought temperature control mods couldn’t get a steroid boost in wattage, think again because today we are going to take a closer look at the Tesla 200W TC, a real steam engine when you pair it with the right tank.

As you probably know Tesla released an 160W model a few months ago and it was a very decent performer, but with this device they have taken things to a whole new level in terms of both design and functionality. They improved the 510 connector on the top to make it flush with the tank and they moved the sticker to the face of the mod.

The Tesla 200W TC box contentsBut let’s dive in and check out how you are going to receive your device. The Tesla 200W TC comes packed in a black and red cardboard box and inside you are only going to find the mod itself and a user’s manual. The mod is quite big and a bulky but the carbon fiber finish on it is truly amazing, especially if you get it in red, which ads a bit of uniqueness to a collection of devices. It’s built from solid aluminum and it looks and feels solid and durable. As I mentioned earlier, the biggest improvement over the 160W model is the redesigned 510 connector that’s now at the same level with the top of the mod. The treading is of good quality and the center pin is spring loaded so you won’t have to worry about compatibilities with any of your tanks or atties.

On the side of the mod you will notice a big round firing button, the OLED display and the two adjustment buttons. It displays the remaining battery, atomizer resistance, temperature and wattage setting. You can adjust the Tesla 200W TC from 1W all the way up to 200W in 1W increments, and the pulse output is automatically activated over 150W. The temperature control range can be adjusted between 200F and 600F (100C – 300C), in 1F increments and the minimum resistance in the case of Ni200 wire is 0.08 Ohms. You can also completely switch off the TC mode and use the device in simple variable wattage mode with Kanthal wire. I always recommend only using Kanthal or Nichrome when it VW mode, because Nickel or Titanium can produce hazardous chemicals at high temperatures, and these should only be used in TC mode. When you are working with Kanthal you can build anywhere between 0.15 and 3.5 Ohms.

As you’ve probably guessed, this massive mod is powered by two 18650 high drain batteries which you need to buy separately. To access the battery slots you will need to pull on the face of the device that’s held in place with the help of four strong magnets. The upper battery pins are also spring loaded so you can use this device even with flat top models. The door snaps in place flush and it doesn’t have any rattle or other types of issues. As a matter of fact you are probably going to hear some rattle from the two adjustment buttons rather than the battery door.

The mod measures 105mm in height, 58mm in width and 24mm in depth so it’s not going to be as The Tesla 200W TC comfortable to hold as a Subox Mini or something similar, but it’s well balanced and very powerful. To adjust the temperature setting you will need to keep both the adjustment buttons pressed for a couple of seconds and then select your desired value. After pressing the firing button once you can go and adjust the output wattage you want. After mounting your atomizer or tank, the mod is going to ask you if it’s a new or old coil and if it’s new you need to press the plus button for it to read it properly (I recommend doing this with the coil at room temperature).

The temperature control setting on the Tesla 200W TC works very good and probably the best tank to match it with at the moment is the Smok TFV4 Sub-ohm to benefit from all that power. It reaches the desired value in no time and then it regulates the wattage so you won’t get a burn hit once. It’s not the kind of toy I would recommend to a beginner but for all you veteran vapers and cloud chasers it might just be the perfect fog machine.

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